Falling Slowly



This evening.

Wet-suited tykes leaping off the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin.

From top: Darrell Edgar; Darrell again; Ciaran O’Connor and Darrell (diving); Ross Burnett and Gerard Loftus

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

24 thoughts on “Falling Slowly

    1. Ronan

      Did your parents accompany you as you played with your friends when you were that age? Or is it only relevant to question where parents are when you have a preconceived notion of where these kids live, or worse, what they might be like because of where they might live.

      1. scundered

        This is not merely playing, they are jumping from quite a height into a deep and strong moving river, would you let your kid do that without supervision?

        In case you didn’t notice, I never mentioned where they lived, I have no idea where they come from, do you? You completely missed the point here.

    2. dhaughton99

      They’ll certainly be on to Joe about the flesh eating bug ‘me son got’, like last year.

      Howya Joe.

  1. Conor

    SCUM etc etc etc. They’re ruining the ambiance from my 800k apartment. How dare they have fun, they should be selling drugs and skipping school and so forth.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Fair play, in fairness. Looks like great fun!

    Going to be a lot of hang-wringing when one of them dies though. Could really do with even mild supervision.

  3. Blahdeblah

    Those are class photos, kids having fun. I’m not from Dublin but we did just as many stupid and dangerous things down the country all in the name of growing up – let’s stop the snobbery none of us were safety officers at 12.

    1. Blahdeblah

      Actually to be fair there isn’t that much snobbery on here about this- apologies for just assuming there would be!

  4. spud1

    Any chance someone get these rapscallions into proper Olympic style diving training?
    Could be potential medals here people…

  5. General Lee Nice

    Hotest day of the year so far and wet suits worn. Mollycoddled, so they are. In my day we wore nothing but luminus bermuda shorts.

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