‘Speak English You’re In Ireland’


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Several young male migrants speak about their experiences of living in Ireland in a new video released by the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

It follows the ICI conducting a study which looked at the experiences of 40 men between the ages of 16 and 28 who were born outside of Europe and now live in Ireland.

Those interviewed identified discrimination at school, in sport, at work and by public authorities as the main challenges they face.

Read the full ICI report here

Meanwhile, separately… in yesterday’s Sunday Times, Gabrielle Monaghan reported:

“Ireland now has the most educated immigrants in the EU, following a wave of migration from Eastern Europe during the boom, a new report has indicated.”

Some 48% of the so-called “new Irish” have a third-level qualification, compared to 35% of their native counterparts. This gives Ireland the largest share of educated foreigners in the EU, and the third-highest among the 34 western nations in the OECD, after Israel and Canada. Most of Ireland’s immigrants, 71%, received their education abroad.”
“The findings are contained in a joint report by the OECD and the European Commission aimed at overturning policymakers’ preconceptions about immigrants. Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015: Settling In showed that just 20% of new arrivals have a low level of education.”

Anti-racism training needed by Gardaí and immigration services, study claims (Irish Examiner)

‘New Irish’ are most educated migrants in EU (Sunday Times)

Immigrant Council of Ireland

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59 thoughts on “‘Speak English You’re In Ireland’

        1. ahjayzis

          We all get some much-needed touch from ridey lookin’ fordinners, it’s like the American dream only wetter.

    1. dave

      Some thing should be done about non EU country’s. There is a loop hole that if you do an English course. You can apply for jobs straight after. Should we have harsher conditions regarding immigration legislation?

      1. Jim

        I totally agree jobs should be offered to the Irish first any company breaking this rule should be heavily fined. How do these people get through Immigration someones not doing their job

  1. Joe Rooney

    Speak English? Of course the migrants want to speak English. That’s why they came to Ireland rather than Denmark, they know English is the world language. But it’s disappointing that none of the migrants have any interest in Irish. Please don’t reply talking about foreign children learning Irish in school– that has nothing to do with this. Up to a certain age they have no choice. When they are exempt from irish, they avoid it, even though exempt doesn’t mean you can’t take it. I’m talking about adult migrants, and they have absolutely no interest or curiosity about the language. Quite a lot of non-Irish speak irish, but you’ll find them in cities like New York, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Tokyo. Not in Dublin or Galway.

    1. ahjayzis

      I lived in Bilbao for a while and didn’t see the need to learn Basque – learning Spanish was hard enough, thanks, and everyone spoke it.

      It’s possible to never, ever come across a need for Irish living in Dublin. It’s a niche, hobby language for our own people, expecting new arrivals to bother their hoops is mental.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          ahjayzis you know you’ve made it if you’ve made yourself a hater. Go away Elvis you’re just a big meanie.

    2. Zaccone

      I think you’ll find the vast majority of adult Irish people have no interest in speaking Irish. Its a bit much to expect some poor foreigner to bother.

    3. RobinBoy

      Why would they Joe? Because it’s an Irish trait? Why not take up going to the summer trip to bog? Or learning Irish music? Could make a bit on side from that at least.

      What benefit would they possibly have from learning yet another language?

      1. Ultach

        Cuthbert Tura Arutura, originally from Zimbabwe and now living in east Belfast, was stopped for driving while being black, then arrested for speaking Irish. By the Garda Síochána. Was shouted at to speak English and when he continued to speak Irish he was locked up for the night. How dare he, coming here for de north, speaking our language …
        This doesn’t happen in the north any more, but still happens in the 26 counties.
        More on Tura here: http://www.rte.ie/tv/thedailyshow/2012/0224/cuthbertturaarutura233.html

        1. Colin

          You do understand if you request to be arrested or sanctioned in Irish, the entire process must be in Irish? Hence it becomes legal and you need someone of a legal standard of Irish to be involved. So you are likely to be arrested or at least brought to a station where it can be performed via translator?

          Speak English, chat with the Gardai and be about you way. Start making life difficult and speaking in a historic language (In which I am pretty much fluent myself) and they’ll just get the hump. Simples.

    4. Rob_G

      “Quite a lot of non-Irish speak irish, but you’ll find them in cities like New York, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Tokyo.”

      – it is extremely unlikely that you would find an non-Irish people speaking Irish in any of those places.

      1. Joe Rooney

        You probably haven’t traveled very much, but I have. I have lived in NYC and Buenos Aires, and I studied linguistics in what was then Leningrad. In each city I found small groups of people who had learned Irish. Almost none of these had any ethnic affinity with Ireland–they were just interested in languages. I have heard of similar groups in Tokyo, tho I’ve never been. We are talking of small numbers here, a few dozen. But even these numbers are bigger than the numbers of foreign migrants who study Irish in Ireland. The people in Manhattan etc. had no desire to immigrate to Ireland, but the immigrants here apparently do, yet they have no interest in the language, history etc of Ireland. Of course the Irish govt encourages this, since unlike most other countries, it does not require a candidate for naturalization to show any knowledge of Ireland, or even to speak either of the two official languages here.

        1. Atticus

          You studied linguistics, of course you’re going to meet the oddballs that decided to learn random languages.

          It’s like the guy that goes to a brothel and says he’s met a lot of prostitutes.

        2. Rob_G

          I’ve lived in New York and never met any non-Irish that spoke Irish (or many Irish people, for that matter).

          Maybe I wasn’t hanging around enough linguistic departments…

          1. Joe Rooney

            Rob: How long did you live there? In Manhattan? I doubt it. Maybe you spent too much time hanging around Irish bars. Anyhow, how could you meet Irish speakers if you don’t know the language yourself? Crazy post by you, Robbie boy.

          2. Rob_G

            None of your beeswax; yes, in Manhattan; agus tá Gaeilge líofa agam – any other assumptions you would care to make?

    5. charmaine

      To be fair, most Irish people I have come across whilst living in Ireland hated taking Irish at school and very few use Irish now. So if they don’t wish to speak it how could you possibly expect anyone else to.

    6. Charles

      And how many Irish people speak Irish?
      Accoridng to some googling 41.4% but they don’t use it.
      Lets be honest Irish is a dead language that is artificially kept alive.

    7. Ola

      It is not about Non EU or EU, it is about the system, Irish childre are also not interested.

  2. Blinks

    I was in Seapoint the other day and there was an Irish family with extra added children’s friends happily speaking Irish. Have also heard people of various nationalities and eye and skin colour speaking Irish in supermarkets.

    1. Joe Rooney

      @Have also heard people of various nationalities and eye and skin colour speaking Irish in supermarkets@ … I’ll need a couple kilos of salt before I give any credence to that nonsensical claim..

  3. tony

    There are many many immigrants who speak Irish. they dont have the same baggage (excuses for being lazy Seoinins) as the Irish potato heads have. There are also Irish language courses in loads of international universities for those who truly appreciate a language that has more nuance in its fingernail than most of the English spoken by the Irish.

    1. Kolmo

      Weighed down by the baggage they lash out at any attempt by anyone to learn, to add an extra dimension to living in Ireland, they lash out, betraying the baggage they willingly carry.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      “Excuses for being lazy” ….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

      Stellar defence for a teaching method proven time and time again to be inefficient, inappropriate and a very large burden on students time better used for other practical subjects taught properly.
      Fupping nonsense !

      I’d bet that none of those universities you speak of teach Irish in the same stupid manner that our own schools do.

      And of course many languages have great nuance, but the issue is not the language, the issue is on the money wasted on attempts to revive it when the emphasis should be on revering it, culturally, and it’s preservation.

      But no, they, the Gaelgoirí, have to go and ruin the beauty of it, and destroy the nuance you speak of by daft attempts at modernisation and revival of the language.

      Lazy, me hole.

      1. tony

        I hope you read that back and see it for what crapóla it is. You don’t want it revived, just revered? The Gaeilgoiri are to blame? The teachers are to blame? Everyone except the lazy self loathers who are so embarrassed at their own ignorance of it that they lash out at every thing rather than face their own failings. Tired argument Clamps. Elsewhere people are getting on with it, in Oideas Gael, Colaiste Lurgan, Oireachtas, Feis, Institutes of education and Ciorcal Comhrá’s. Ever day Im impressed with how many are doing their own thing to learn and love the language despite people like you and other BS’ers doing their best to turn it into an economic argument. Fingers greasy till, Romantic. Dead. Gone.

        1. Lilly

          He’s right though about how badly it’s taught in schools. Is Peig Sayers still required reading? A woman whose most philosophical utterance was Ochon go deo. Nor should it be compulsory. School ruined Irish for me.

          1. tony

            Get over it. its hardly an insurmountable trauma. You should all explore your prejudices deeper.

      2. ahjayzis

        Professional Gaelgoirí are ruining it by demanding it’s treated on par with English, (i.e. translating documents no one reads in either language) instead of demanding total reform of how it’s taught, as you say ineffectively, in schools. It needs the ICU, not parity with English.

        It’s always blamed on the student, when the sheer numbers of people who should be totally bilingual after 14 years but who are not puts the lie to the idea that the system is fine, the teaching is fine, the idea of learning poetry when you haven’t grasped the grammar is fine.

        1. tony

          Ah, its the gaeilgoiri’s fault. The professional ones. Like who? Name them please. because Im sure they’d love to know they are killing the thing they love.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            And not once have you addressed the slaughtering of the nuance you find so beloved.
            Because it’s dead…. to quote your self… “Fingers greasy till, Romantic. Dead. Gone.”

            And Ahjaysiz is right… 14 years… and a handful produced… pathetic system. The facts are the facts.

        2. Joe Rooney

          “Professional Gaelgoirí (sic)”… That’s just ignorant hate speech. Who are these people? Name them and shame them. Or shut up.

      3. Joe Rooney

        “There are many many immigrants who speak Irish”. That’s an absurd claim. Why invent lies?

      1. ReproBertie

        There is no delete. There is no edit. There is only eternal shame and strangers in the street pointing and whispering.

  4. bob

    should we beleive all these emmigrants who have lied and stolen their way halfway across the world,they could have gone to turkey or saudi arabia or someother non european country,but no they are very well treated here in europe,these are liars and scumbags,who are the people that print this crap?maybe we should change our laws and religion to suit them,,,,,

  5. bob

    seems im on the ‘santa naughty list’ not allowed to post my views and coomments,,,yes its all falling into place now…soon sharia will be here,,,,,

    1. ahjayzis

      Bags casting the first stone. INFIDEL!

      Nah, but seriously, can we deport mortifying cretins like you and bring in more handsome eastern europeans?

  6. Péaicín

    I just had a snooze. Em what was the subject of the article again or have I switched to another channel?

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