32 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Parky Mark

    Simon Judge is a name? You must be confusing him with his cousin, the illustrator Christ Judge.
    Simon’s the one who doesn’t have a bike anymore.

  2. Dee

    To be fair, the guy didn’t send it in, or tweet at broadsheet. They seem to have picked it up from his Twitter feed themselves. But in any case I disagree with him. Chicken fries are not fresh.

  3. Vote Rep #1


    They are chickens that are brave enough to become fries. Or, the bits of cheap, labour camp chickens that aren’t good enough for the chicken burgers or nugget type things so are now chips. They sound awful but are probably lovely.

    My local chinese does chicken toast. What the hell is that?

    1. pedeyw

      Have you never felt curious enough to try? Probably like prawn toast but with chicken. I approve because I hate prawns.

    1. Anomanomanom

      There just chicken fingers. Calling them fries is the marketing gimmick because the serve them in the little fries container normally for French fries.

  4. Anomanomanom

    Also i must admit, iv tasted these when on holidays. Absolutely lovely, but very unhealthy.

  5. Paulus

    Also, in the picture: Chicken beak or open screaming mouth? You decide. (Cannot be unseen)

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