65 thoughts on “Lid-Free Head Shaming

  1. Peadar

    Today I learned that that’s the girl Jarvis Cocker was singing about in “Common People”.

        1. ProvingGround

          When we used to sing.
          Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da. Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da la te da

  2. Franno

    Once again the Seanad gets to the core of the matter. A bit like the modern day Skibbereen Eagle, but with loftier targets than the Tsars in Russia in its crosshairs!

    1. Rugbyfan

      We elected to keep this house of Sh!t in existence!

      Forgive us Father, we were soooo wrong!

      1. classter

        I am glad we didn’t vote to kill it.

        Now we need that other House to reform it.

        It is worth pointing out that many of the worst figures there have been appointed rather than elected.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      If we had not voted to keep it, there would have been no brakes on the Endamobile as it rode us all into oblivion. This is not good, just better than the alternative we were offered, which was none.

        1. Slightly Bemused

          True, no proper brakes. But there are air brakes, given the amount of hot air expelled in the Seanad. Case in point…

          1. ahjayzis

            This government has never introduced a reform that didn’t either increase or have no effect on the executive’s total control.

          2. classter

            This is the funny thing about all the right-wing jibes (Blueshirts / Irish Tories) that FG receive. Any right wing party worth its salt would have torn into the apparatus of the state & ‘reformed’ it. See the zeal with which the Tories/American Republicans go about trying to make radical (often crazy imo) reforms.

            For all their tough talk, FG have hardly reformed a boyband since they got into power.

  3. Zarathustra

    Anyone who’s been to Greece knows that very few Greeks wear their helmets while driving in a town or city, or for short distances, but they’ll have them close to hand in case the police are about; although, the police tend to ignore the locals for not wearing them, but they’re very strict on tourists. The guy on the Vespa behind Varoufakis is a typical example of what’s the norm. Also, I don’t understand why some politicians and individuals in the media over here are making such a big deal about him driving off on a motorbike? Every household will have at least one motorbike/ scooter for getting around, because they’re cheap and they have the climate, but not every household has a car, and even if they do, it’s only used in winter or for long distances.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Funny you should say that (re motorbike)…but while I was either tuning in or reading up on Varoufakis’s resignation, I couldn’t help but notice how many references were made to him mounting his motorbike and riding off home. Some even remarked, ‘with a blonde on the back’. His WIFE for goodness sake. Why were so many commentators, journos and politicians hung up on this minor detail? Clearly it made them uncomfortable, envious, inadequate.

      1. Zarathustra

        Exactly, I’ve heard it mentioned quite a few times in the past month or so; Irish journalists referring to Varoufakis going to, or leaving Parliament Buildings on his bike, I don’t understand what their implications are, or, how whatever mode of transport he uses can be relevant to the Greek crisis. It’s almost as if the concept is alien and exotic, and one to be distrusted.

    2. Liam from Lixnaw

      exactly – sure Greeks can’t believe that people in Dublin go around on bareback piebald horses

    3. sendog

      it feeds the narrative that he is a rebel and aloof and not too be trusted like any politician on the left.

      Look at him there on a motorcyle! he is careless and reckless! DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!

      1. classter

        Which is ridiculous.

        But you know that he likes riding around on a noisy motorbike for the same reason.
        Its rebellious, exciting, ‘cooler’ than your typical minister.

        I also find it hard to take seriously a grown-up who would drive a motorbike with his wife & her not wearing a motorbike. I’d have a go at my little brother if I could him being so reckless.

        It is all optics, of course, but that’s a big part of politics.

        1. Kieran NYC


          It’s the same as the party not wearing ties in government (or our own Mick doing the same). Makes them seem down wif da yoof/one of de ordinary decent peeeeeeeople, Joe.

          Wonder how much he’s worth.

  4. Owen

    Senator Cait Kean: ‘Hi, I have something I’d like to say that might get me some positive attention outside this room.’
    Senator Norris: ‘I dispute that, cause I feel that over 50% of the people outside this room, that bother to read this, will agree with me, making me and getting me positive attention’.
    Senator O’Brien: ‘I want to be involved’.
    Senator Coghlan: ‘LOUD NOISES’!
    An Cathaoirleagh: ‘F**k, I hate my life’

  5. Punches Pilot

    Well I for one am glad that she’s there putting forward the opinion of the nation on our behalf. Money well spent #helmetwatch …. (Goes back to painting large green letters on Fine Gael 1916 celebration banner)

      1. classter

        The sh!tness of much of what goes on in the Seanad is proof of the need of the Seanad.

        Bear with me.

        The Dail could have reformed the Seanad no problem – there’s huge public appetite for it. Most of those in favour of the Seanad want reform. But nothing has been done.

        Instead, the Dail & the Taoiseach make appointments which demonstrate the need for them to be held to account. Like Enda genuinely appointed this Healy Eames character. Is that a man that can be trusted to centralise more power around?

      1. Willie Banjo

        If I had my way, the Seanad would no longer exist. You had your way Clampers which proves that naivete also still exists. If you voted to keep the Seanad, then exchanges like the above are all on you.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          They’re on the govt for not implementing real changes.

          Let me put it this way…. are you going to take responsibility for all the women running to the UK for abortions because our govt held a nonsense referendum on abortion last time around?

          1. Kilcock Swayze

            There was no reform option on the ballot. The liars advocated reform. The morons voted for reform. EXTERMINATE THE BRUTES!

        2. Tidy Dave

          And me. I firmly believe in the usefullness of an upper house, but it desperately needs reforming – from appointments all the way up.

          1. Rob_G

            Can’t see the point of an upper house myself – a weak one (like ours) is basically just for aspirant/about to retire politicians.

            A strong upper house is even worse though – like in Italy, where disagreements between the upper- and lower- houses result in an election about every 18 months.

            Single chamber ftw

  6. nellyb

    Seanad and Dail transcripts would make a great long running tv show. Irish pictorials weekly would never run out of material. Ever.

  7. ollie

    He should carry a helmet for his wife in the boot of his motorbike said Cait Keane………………….senator, pensioner, preschool teacher, rejected in 4 general elections by her peers, reckons that personal taxation will reach 62% if we don’t pay for water, how the fupp does a gobplop like this get any publicity?

  8. Sam

    Was this before or after they voted to stop the hostile seagulls from using the whiffy code to bully unlectable senators online?

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