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    1. Bacchus

      Emmet doesn’t do fake or staged. He’s one of those old style honest Labour politicians. No really.

  1. Steve

    I voted FG/ labour in the last election and I’ll be voting them again next time coz….well that’s my prerogative.

    But this cut is shameful – defo hurting one of the weakest sections of our society who we should be working hard to protect most. It’s especially terrible when you consider that relatively well paid public sector workers are in line for a pay increase.

    Staying with the issue of fairness, should equal blame not be apportioned to FG , consider they also voted through the legislation?? It wasn’t just burton

      1. Drogg

        People like Steve are the reason i want to leave this country. As my wife keep saying to me “you just can’t argue with stupid”.

        1. bisted

          …I know Steve is a troll but I’m just not sure who he’s trolling…or as we used to say back in simpler times…with friends like Steve, who needs enemies?

          1. classter

            The personal stuff here is weird.

            Steve’s message (whatever you make of the substance) doesn’t strike me as trollish or provocative at all.

            Clearly it is possible to disagree with a govt policy but still think that the parties involved would make the best available option for the next govt. He is also correct that if you disagree with this move, that you don’t just punish Labour for it.

            Could you not engage with what he is saying? Could be a lot more effective that merely calling him stupid for having a different view.

          2. Steve

            Hi lads thanks for the supportive messages.

            I’m sure there are lots of things you disagree with when it comes to SF…like the murder of innocent people or with AAA – tax cheating , but yet you will still vote for them. So good luck with that and thanks again for promoting healthy debate on BS

          3. bisted

            …hello classter…you may be new here but I doubt it.
            I am an ex-labour supporter and one time activist/worker. I feel betrayed and foolish for my misplaced loyalty. Betrayed that the top people choose power and pensions over principle. Foolish that I believed the pre-election press releases just to have one of the people I once admired smuggly announce that they were merely ‘things you tend to say in elections’.
            I’m not calling steve stupid. I’m calling myself stupid but I’m calling steve for what he is…another FG/LAB bot who isn’t particularly good as a keyboard warrior.

          4. classter

            Not new here, bisted, I post occasionally – usually as cluster.
            The personal attacks were always weird & counterproductive. I have been accused many times of being a naive, lily-livered leftie and also of being a Young FG bot.

            I thought Steve’s opinion was a reasonable one (if he is a keyboard warrior, then he is a particularly subtle one), just as you feeling betrayed by Labour is. I also suspect that you both may echo many others with your respective views. So there’s an interesting conversation to be had & maybe even minds to be changed.

            Its hardly original to appeal to play the ball rather than the man but it is necessary on these pages, indeed in Irish public life generally. Like, I detest SF but I detest even more the way that Kenny uses the Troubles as a way of dismissing valid criticisms made by SF TDs.

          5. bisted

            …ah Cluster…it’s yourself….if I’d known it was you then I wouldn’t have been so reticent. Is your change of name to Classter the result of a fat finger or just more evidence of your dilusional sense of self-aggrandisement?

          6. classter

            In truth, bisted, I’m not sure – it is the name that pops up for me on this PC when I go to Broadsheet. I haven’t been posting much of late. I have a vague recollection of moaning when somebody else ABDMed me & posted under the name cluster. Maybe I put in as Classter then.

            I don’t know if it means much but I’m a fan of your reticent self – I thought that comment was more revealing but also thought-provoking than merely accusing Steve of being a troll.

            Anyway, had I wound you as cluster previously?

          7. bisted

            …If you prick us, do we not bleed?…. and if you wrong us, shall we not
            Ok cluster/classter…I’ve had my meds(snickers)…welcome back…don’t leave it so long.

          8. Stewart Curry

            Someone saying something you disagree with or don’t like doesn’t make them a troll.

    1. Joe cool

      Christ almighty. I thought I’d read and seen it all. But alas I then read Stephens post. You and your ilk are the reasons this country will never ever change

      1. Joe the Lion

        I agree with Joe. The snivelling moralising from classter/cluster is right for this ridicule also. Either way classter/cluster/Steve by demanding nothing more than more of the same from the current failed politician class you are as others suggest merely reinforcing the incompetence of public administration- ” the best of a bad lot” is a hollow excuse for your desperate inertia

        1. Rob_G

          FFS Рthere is a small number of (usually deluded) people who truly love a particular party, and will express glass-eyed admiration at every party communiqu̩, whatever it relates to. (In this country, they are most commonly supporters of SF).

          The vast majority of people choose to support a party because they more-or-less agree with most, but not all, of their policies.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Blame Labour for all this governments ills. It is always the fault of the smaller member of a coalition. Like the Greens & the PDs before them, ensure that they get obliterated in the next GL while the main party is fine.

    1. PaddyIrishMan

      Looks like that is exactly what will happen. FG will be in government next time but will be stronger.

    2. PPads

      Too right (wing). This cut is the modern equivalent of the Magdalene laundries. Labour should have grew a pair.

    3. Continuity Jay-Z

      They are the ones with the power to pull it down. All three chose not to but instead look after their own selfish interests.

  3. baz

    the ‘lone’ parent whining is filling me with schadenfreude, the scroungers – so capable of placing taxing demands on all but themselves

    all these immaculate conceptions and other excuses for not naming the fathers (there’s always a sob story)

    well, now its wake up time, Welfare reform is being enacted, no more time for excuses, as well all know – there’s always excuses…

    time to break the generational cycle of dependency – I commend this Government for starting.

    1. PPads

      Ok genius here is a scenario for you. A young child grows up with no father and a mother running in/out the door and when not, is too tired to even pay attention half the time.

      We heard a lot about children’s welfare during the SSM referendum so where are these people now? Yes some abuse the system but whatever mistakes those women made does not mean their children should be punished.

      This is just plain wrong.

      1. baz

        or the flip of what your mealy mouth attempt failed to punch…

        when abortion is available none of the scroungers will have a valid excuse for leaning on the taxpayer

        …its an ill wind and all that

    2. McKay

      Jebus I hope you’re more generous at Christmas. ‘Cycle of Dependency’? Are these people drug addicts?

    3. ethereal_myst

      except not all lone parents are women, not all lone parents were single when they had the child/children and not all lone parents are unemployed. this cut will only end up costing us more in the long run, it is a false economy

    1. John Cassidy

      I was waiting for some idiot to bring this up. Well done idiot! You’ve just won the internet.

  4. Rob_G

    I think that the most important thing that I took away from all of this is that in 2015 there are still people who will take a photo of their computer screen, rather than CTRL + P

    Or just copying & pasting the text itself(?)

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