56 thoughts on “Notes On A Scandal

  1. TG

    Leaked cliched, boring, let’s-bash-Catholic-pro-lifers-again “illustration”. Yaaaaaaaaaawn……….

    1. Mani

      TG: ‘Oh Sandra, that website with the pro-choice agenda that I keep going to?’

      Sandra: ‘RIP.ie?’

      TG: ‘No, the other one. Broadsheet. Well, they published a cartoon and I didn’t like it one bit’

      SAadra: ‘A cartoon….like Bugs Bunny?’

      TG: ‘No….and I’ll thank you not to reference that cross-dressing sodomite under MY roof’

      Sandra: ‘Calm down……p p p…put your belt back on’

      TG: ‘Sandra, I don’t know why you make me do this’

      Sandra: ‘I really wish you wouldn’t iron your trousers every time you get stressed’

        1. Mani

          Should you not be off pleasuring yourself into a mass card or whatever it is you do for ‘fun’?

    2. rotide

      I think it’s pretty funny and I’m allergic to the level of circlejerk around these parts.

      A satirical look at the pro choice side would be funnier though

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      I thought you weren’t in favour of judging people or makign sweeping generalisations, Justin.

      1. Kieran NYC

        I’d imagine Point 6 hits a bit too close to home. The big ‘Yes’ supporter that he was…

        Brilliant post, Mick! Someone pay this man!

        (In craft beer and a copy of ‘de buke’)

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        “Pro-choice people really like to play the man not the ball, don’t they?”

        That’s a generalisation.

          1. Mike

            It was a generalisation dude. Did you know that? People shouldn’t make generalisations.

  2. missred

    Excellent! Remember the ad for the “Pro Life Bootcamp” a couple of years ago? Oh the responses to that on here were marvellous…

  3. Exclamation Mark

    Brilliant! But a bit disappointing that Broadsheet hasn’t posted anything until now about abortion/repealing the 8th amendment on a week where there has been a pro life rally, pro choice counter demonstration, Dublin City Councils vote on the 8th amendment and the release of Amnesty Internationals survey and report on abortion in Ireland. But you know.. LOL.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    The deafening silence from so-called pro-life groups regarding the swingeing cuts to lone parents and the homeless crisis facing families show that they don’t care about children. They’re pro-foetus and pro-forced birth. Once the kids are outside the womb, they couldn’t give a damn.

  5. AlisonT

    That Ryanair graph could also be one for the number of kids born with Downs in a society with no protection of the unborn, I guess we can really show how we value diversity.

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