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    1. martco

      …and I’d even reckon that 46% number is concocted well upwards…anecdotal granted but I personally know of just one person who has deliberately registered and paid

      can’t wait to witness the next wave of spin in the coming weeks…Scrap Saturday will be back


  1. Seamus White

    Interesting how one version of the Northside People leads on people bemoaning the possibility of people having to paying higher property taxes and the other version bemoans the fact that there aren’t enough resources to deal with the homelessness crisis.

    1. Kieran NYC

      That’s Irish socialism for ya right there. The only hard lefties who want the government to do everything AND have lower taxes.

      1. realPolithicks

        Your a gas man Kieran, still schilling for the blueshirts all the way from the big apple….

        1. cluster's deranged alter ego

          Personal comment on Kieran NYC aside, is he wrong?

          Is it not a bit silly to bemoan property taxes & a shortage of resources for the homeless in the same breath?

          1. realPolithicks

            Irish people pay plenty of money in taxes, the key thing is what is done by the government with the revenue received. It’s a question of priorities.

          1. Joe the Lion

            I’m not sure shooting a one eyed fish sprawling in a bucket of piss with a bazooka is something to boast about

      2. Clampers Outside!

        I thought funnier was Southside… story on progress and development, for ‘sailing’… not exactly a poor man’s sport.
        Northside edition – homeless man on bench crisis….

        Funny in that it fits the stereotypes of North and South…

        1. Malta

          The Southside People headline is about building a cruise liner berth, not the sport of sailing.

  2. ABM

    “sleep rape” > “campus rape” > “marital rape” > “black man up a dark alley” actual rape

    1. Mick Flavin

      -No subtlety of touch.
      -Not prolix enough.
      -Use of > symbol.

      Overall poor effort.
      2/10 ABM points

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Its true. I myself, as a fertile, but poor woman, am at this very moment scouting around for some wealthy/famous man to deposit his seed in the hopes that I will be jet-setting around the world in the height of luxury in exchange for a mere 10 mins of bang-bang. As my mama said, beats working amirightladiezzz??!

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          Down-payment of 10k before I even look at you. i have standards a la Naomi Campbell

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          With these weak lady arms and whiny lady voice, I can’t be expected to work now can I?

  3. Zuppy International

    Behind the spin: only about 300,000 households voluntarily registered for Irish Water and so can legitimately be called ‘customers’.

    If only 43% of these ‘customers’ have paid their bill then that represents about 10% of all households.

    Irish Water = Dead Duck.


    1. Joe the Lion

      I hope you’re having a laugh Zuppy

      The prospect of returning the mismanagement of water services and conservation management to worthless county councils does not entice. I’m hopeful a new community based service delivery model based in part on existing rural group systems will replace IW

  4. Steve

    I suppose we will just have to go back to previous system where all households pay for water services through taxes.

    Paul murphy et al to rural dwellers who have their own well and septic tanks: “you’re welcome”.

    1. Brian S

      Or the current tax system that is theoretically fit for purpose could be used as it is intended. Lpt used for local services, motor tax used for maintenance of roads, along with the vrt that the EU commission had long confirmed as an illegal double taxation.

      But that obviously makes me a loony lefty or scrounger

      1. Steve

        Don’t disagree with you but I don’t think you’re catching my original point.

        The previous system left rural dwellers who have their own supply subsidising those on the public supply. And payment through general taxation left no motivation for water conservation which a metered charge does.

        Disappointing figures have to admit….but sure a solid start :)

        1. DD

          And city dwellers pay taxes which fund services in rural areas.

          It’s called society, get over it.

          1. Steve

            Very true. However if I live and work in clonsaugh but break my leg on holidays in Connemara I can still avail of the medical services in that locality. Water services, i would argue, are different.

          2. Steve

            My ability to avail of hospital services in Ireland is not determined by location.

            The ability of my children to avail of primary education is not determined by location.

            The ability of my mother to avail of gardai services in the event of a burglary is not determined by location…I could go on.

            The ability to connect my house to the public water services network is determined by location.The urban rural divide matters in this particular case, IMO.

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