Meanwhile, In The Grand Duchy



Xavier Bettel

The recently hitched Luxembourg Prime Minister.

Not just eye candy.

This morning, outside the Centre Alima I saw Tom Martin, a Luxembourgish homeless friend.
“Hey American in Luxembourg,” he says to me. “You wanna hear a story?”
“Of course,” I say.
Here’s Tom’s story, in his own words:

“This morning, I’m walking around barefoot and I see the prime minister (Xavier Bettel) and he asks me, ‘Where are your shoes, Tom?’ He knows me by name because I’m a nice guy and I don’t cause trouble out here.
“So I tell him someone stole my shoes last night and he says, ‘Come on, let’s get you some shoes.’ So we go to H & M— the prime minister and me — and he buys me these shoes! (A pair of brand-new blue sneakers that had Tom grinning from ear to ear.)

An American In Luxembourg (Facebook)

Thanks Nikkeboentje

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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Grand Duchy

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    If I was on our Taoiseach’s salary I’d be flippin buying shoes for everyone!

    1. Lilly

      Mmmm he’s pretty fit looking but is there a hint of Daniel O’Donnell about his face?

  2. Mr. T.

    How about he fixes the reasons others like Tom are homeless instead of making people feel that little less guilty by buying one man a pair of shoes.

    “Oh he bought him shoes. I feel better now about demanding less income tax and ignoring cuts in services.”

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