7 thoughts on “Your Moment Of Zen

  1. mike

    Haven’t been able to find this show on my UPC Comedy Central in the past 2 months. Would like to catch the final shows, know what channel it is on?

    1. MT

      Yeah havent seen on comedy central extra for about that. The one good show in 24hrs of utter sh1t and they dump it in his last stretch. I just stream it on Primewire now. They’re on holidays this week and last week, so if you get moving you can play catch up.

  2. mike

    For me the most memorable episode was in Feb 2006 just after Dick Cheney had accidentally shot his hunting buddy. There was nothing to add to the story, no embellishment needed. So they didn’t, just reported it as news.

  3. Mike

    Comedy Central UK stopped suddenly stopped showing it around two months ago. Luckily, the American Comedy Central website (www.cc.com) show full episodes but you can only watch it in America so to watch it in Ireland you have to use a smart DNS service ;)

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