9 thoughts on “Eighters Gonna Eight

  1. Bingo

    Even though they lost, Dundalk have a decent chance of progressing to the next round of the CL.
    A 2-1 defeat away is almost as good as a score draw, actually better than a 0-0.

    1. PKX

      Erm, so if it’s 0-0 in Oriel Park………

      In no world is a defeat ever better than a draw.

      1. Krill Bill

        I think the point Bingo is making is that an away goal is better than none, so a 2-1 away defeat is a much better result for Dundalk than a scoreless draw.

        ‘Mon the Town.

        1. PKX

          I know his point and I’m saying he’s wrong.

          Dundalk lost 2-1. No matter what, to qualify for next round they have to win the return leg.
          The only way that away goal will help them is if they specifically win 1-0 in Oriel. Any other result and that away goal is redundant.

          If they’d drawn 0-0 in Belarus a 0-0 draw would do them. Or any sort of win obviously.

          1. PKX

            basically a 0-0 would have made the aggregate score better no matter what the result is in Oriel. It’s basic maths.

          2. Bingo

            It’s more about the psychology going into the second leg than maths. The 2-1 defeat may be better for the team than a ‘park the bus’ nil-nil.

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