Retro Game Boyos



Tim Horgan (right) and Brian Murphy (left) from Kerry.

They’re changing the way you look at retro games.

No wait please..

Tim writes

We do a little retro gaming show called The Initials Mission. It’s just two guys from Kerry playing and reviewing some of the video games from the retro era. Anything from the 80’s to the mid 90’s. We like to introduce a bit of Irish humour along the way.

We started the series a few months back and although the views are not huge we are powering through in the hope that it will get a little attention. We are currently on episode 14 (above) which reviews the 1990 version of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and it is doing quite well.

This show is recorded and produced from home. We put about 8-10 hours of work into it every weekend and it’s something we are seriously passionate about. I have a background in radio and Brian journalism but as of today we are just working the grind and doing this on the weekend to keep ourselves motivated. Hope you enjoy.

Previous episodes here

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  1. Clampers Outside!

    Top 10 Irish Youtubers…. – Irish folk makin’ vids – Gaming is pretty damned prevalent in the Top 10

    Rank / Subs / Channel / Genre / Total Video Views / Pro or UGC Content

    1 2.8m JackSepticEye Gaming 853m UGC
    2 1.9m Daithi De Nogla Gaming 111m UGC
    3 1.5m OneyNG Cartoons / Gaming 311m UGC
    4 844k LittleLizardGaming Gaming / Minecraft 235m UGC
    5 575k TheMakeUpChair Beauty 57m UGC
    6 567k RSPproductionz – GTA Gaming 124m UGC curated
    7 556k Anna Saccone Beauty 59m UGC
    8 511k Terroriser Gaming 17m UGC
    9 463k CallMeKevin Gaming 105m UGC
    10 361k BriBry Singer/Songwriter 17m UGC

    A popular genre! Good luck with your channel lads !
    Figs are worldwide, list was compiled back in Q1 2015

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