First Blood


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This morning

BB Keating writes:

There are, what appears to be, bloody shoe prints all over Nassau Street [Dublin] this morning…

Sylvia Lynch adds:

I was thinking the same, it starts on Grafton Street & goes all the way up towards the Dail. Someone must have been badly hurt.


18 thoughts on “First Blood

          1. BB

            It was reported to an garda siochana first, they were very helpful in that they gave me no response what so ever.

  1. Digs

    Someone must have been bleeding… I’d say they’re fine. If you hear on the news later today that someone was stabbed and died in that area then you’ll know they’re probably not fine. Either way, someone must have been bleeding, hence the blood.

  2. Gareth

    Saw this myself this morning. It either starts or ends on Merrion Square South outside a building that has some renovation works taking place.

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