Form An Orderly Line Dance




This morning.

Fair City’s Maclean Burke playing Garth Brooks outside the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin with unidentified  hoss to announce details of Fiona Looney’s new play ‘Are You There Garth? It’s Me Margaret’.

July marks the anniversary of the cancellation of the Garth Brooks Croke Park gigs brouhaha.  ‘Are You There, Garth? It’s Me, Margaret’ opens in the Gaiety  on October 14 for MORE than five shows. Giggle.

Uncanny likeness, in fairness.


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19 thoughts on “Form An Orderly Line Dance

          1. Nially

            If “not fancying Damien from Fair City” makes you not-gay, I may need to seriously re-evaluate the last 16 years of my life…

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    When we entered this decade of commemoration in Irish modern history I really wasn’t expecting the “anniversary of the cancellation of the Garth Brooks Croke Park gigs”. Shameless.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      She goes to all the Dubs games….
      that’s all I have in her defence really.

  2. Soft like

    It’s been this constant bullplop for the last 15 years since the millennium, with top tens lists, all time greatest list. Nostalgia is why we are in a constant state of flux. We need future thinking not past reminders of stupid poo, especially this bull about Garth which made Irish people look like complete gombeen idiots altogether.

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      +Facebook. Now so crap, people have to reminisce on even sh1tter times to get their ego fix.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      No, it made a fool of Aiken Promotions for chancing their arm, everything else was hype and bull.

      (No people were hurt or made fools of in the escalation of said farce)

  3. Digs

    Maclean Burke and Fiona Looney…. Are there two more….? Really are they not the most….. People? I had to endure a coach trip with one of them once, it was beyond painful.

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