Other Voices, Knees


Saturday night at Latitude [UK festival]

On the Other Voices ‘church’-style stage,

Ed Sheeran along with Jonny Quinn and Nathan Connolly of Snow Patrol played an intimate surprise set which included Nina Simone’s Feelin’ Good, Chasing Cars, and a rendition of the Parting Glass.


The OriginalRocker writes:

“With the exception of Angus [Young] I thought we had done away guitarists wearing shorts. This isn’t your back garden. Put some trousers on for pity’s sake….”



The OriginalRocker adds:

I can see from your comments that you have no axe men/women among your readership. I’ll concede that bass players can go skimpy if they must but I would expect guitarists to observe some decorum. Think of BB King (RIP),  Jimmy Page, Hendrix. Now think of them in shorts….

Latitude Festival


Thanks Cilian Murphy (no not him)

Pic: Tara Thomas

19 thoughts on “Other Voices, Knees

  1. edalicious

    “The OriginalRocker” sounds like the least cool, most un-rock’n’roll person ever. Probably just jealous that he can’t wear shorts to his workplace too.

    1. The Original Rocker

      Actually, I work from home. And right now I’m wearing a faintly-yellowed pair of y-fronts, with one testicle threatening to escape. And I’m perfectly comfortable, thanks very much. If that’s not casual, what is?

        1. The Original Rocker

          I didn’t say I only had one. I said one is easing itself out. The other appears to be content to stay put. Is that true about Hitler? An accident or a defect?

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            If being shot in the balls (or ball) can be considered an accident.
            He earned the nickname “Screamer” by the other soldiers with him because of his writhing around in agony afterwards.

            Gotta love that German sense of humour.

  2. ReproBertie

    Why does BB King get an RIP but not Hendrix? Is the OriginalRocker is trying to tell us something?

  3. ahjayzis

    I can’t STAAAAND people who think in all weather that men should be exercising burkha levels of cover-up.

    It’s SUMMER you f**king weirdo, go join a poxy convent.

  4. Bingo

    Frank Zappa loved wearing dodgy shorts on stage.
    So this the Policve & Def Leppard.
    Anthrax rocked the old bermuda shorts in the 80s!

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