For Your Consideration: Foreign


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Colin Hassard writes:

As you are probably aware, there is a serious, increasing problem with racially motivated crimes in Ireland, both North and South. I have written this poem that speaks out against racism and hatred and to try and dispel some of the myths about foreign nationals. The real message of the poem is simply that we are all connected – and all have a shared humanity. Hopefully you appreciate the message.

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31 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Foreign

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      what you been up to ? Here if everyone wrote a poem we might get there …

    2. linbinius

      Beautifully written critique. Will resonate North and South of the border. Thank you. x

  1. Digs

    This is more of a Northern problem. More isolated down South. Northerners are innately bigoted, particularly the orange coloured ones. Boom!

    1. ahyeah

      I don’t think we’re allowed say that. But, yes, it’s true. Hatefully bigoted lot.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Nope .. our house was graffiti covered while we were on hols back un the 80’s… in Dublin. Something along the lines of ” prod rats out”

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          everyone knows if your parents have northern accents you will never ever be able to spell … ever

  2. Genchen

    “A serious, increasing problem of racially motivated crimes, both north and south”

    No, actually. I don’t know about north, but racially motivated crimes are in decline in the south. And, by international standards, are thankfully rare.

    Ireland’s not such a racist place, actually.

    1. Kolmo

      Localised pockets in the north of Ireland are laughably racist, generally areas were the mental horizons of the people don’t stretch beyond the local shaps….

      You’d hear the odd Oik commenting in Dublin but nothing compared to certain nuggets of urban failure in the North

      1. scundered

        Well done on your bigoted statement. I guess the whole meaning of the poem flew straight over your head.

        1. Rowsdower

          Just because someone wrote a poem doesn’t mean there’s isn’t inherent culture of racism, bigotry and hatred in certain parts of Northern Ireland.

          Also, pointing that out isn’t bigoted either.

          Also, the poem is poo.

          1. scundered

            It’s bigoted because you are trying to attach your anger to an entire community instead of a few scumbags, do you not see the difference?

            I suggest you go live in the north for many years like I did, in areas reflective of both sides of the coin, maybe then you’ll realise just how few people are actually involved in such crude displays.

      2. Ultach

        Every last one of us in the north is a racist. In fact, there’s very few foreigners in Carndonagh. And on Tory Island a lot of them won’t even speak English to ya.

  3. ahjayzis

    We should all do our part.

    I for one have been going out of my way to sleep with a more ethnically diverse cohort.

  4. tony

    I am so proud of how we took 600,000 people into this country so they can have a better life. We are an example of welcome. Even if pockets of resistance exist, they are in the small percents and to be expected in the most virtuous of societies. This is something we can celebrate.

  5. ahjayzis

    “As you are probably aware, there is a serious, increasing problem with racially motivated crimes in Ireland, both North and South.”

    Politically correct false equivalence that undermines the whole point.

    The republic has been a model of adapation and welcome compared to the rabid hard core minority of troglodytes north of the border. The whole society there is mired in ethnic hatred, comparing them as somehow the same as the (falling) incidences of race crime south of the border is just ridiculous and undermines the issue.

    1. scundered

      “The whole society there is mired in ethnic hatred”

      someone better call the irony police.

        1. scundered

          Because it wasn’t the “whole society”, it was a few twats on scumbag estates.
          There’s plenty of anti-UK graffiti and symbolism in the dodgy areas in the Republic too. That doesn’t mean the whole society is mired with hatred, just some twisted angry people with little direction in life.

          1. ahjayzis

            I explicitly said it was a “hard core minority” – but even so the government is completely gridlocked – the May GE was a predictable sectarian headcount.

            My point is we don’t see families driven out of estates in the Republic, or effigies of ‘the other side’ being burned, conflating the situation in the two places is weak.

          2. scundered

            the majority of people are very much against such inane displays and all political parties have condemned them, and the majority of people may wish to remain in the UK but that doesn’t make them sectarian.

            The whole purpose of those scumbags is to deepen divisions, create hatred and make outsiders think that’s the norm, and of course the media will lap up such drama.

            Don’t let them achieve their goals.

  6. M

    I’m afraid I have to call BS on this. I live in North Dublin, in an area that is probably at this stage more filled with foreign nationals than Irish and in 3 years there I haven’t seen or heard about anyone being subject to racist abuse on the scale described here. The most you are likely to experience is abuse from the local drunks and wasters and sure they give dogs abuse to everyone. The bleeding hearts need to get a life and maybe we should do something useful like band together against the corrupt politicians of this country.

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