6 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Jaffa

    Oh Examiner! Missed opportunity on the seagull headline – should have gone with ‘Skua dive bomber’. I thank you.

  2. Rob_G

    I’m not a fan of royalty in general, and the British royals in particular, but Russell Brand having a go at Queen Liz is a bit unfair.

    (i) She was a child who would hardly be able to understand the signifigance of the gesture at the time;

    (ii) She later went on to serve in the armed forces when Britain was fighting Nazism


    1. David

      Blame the parents. F’r instance, I recall a picture of a loyalist couple with their child. The child wore a “British and proud of it” T-shirt.

      Whatever. Royalty is should be privatised.

    2. classter

      She is a representative of her family.
      She was a child in that video but her mother wasn’t, neither was her uncle and neither was her father (most likely behind the camera). It seems clear that her family (the reason she has all this wealth and privilege) were rather pro-fascist until it became obvious that Hitler would give the UK little choice. At this stage, they switched tack and suppressed the evidence.

      Btw she didn’t really ‘serve in the armed forces’ – she underwent training as part of a PR move. Let’s not pretend she fought in Normandy or something.

    1. Rob_G

      Indeed, plenty to criticise on that front; but being a nazi, or soft on nazism, she ain’t

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