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Are you on the minimum wage.?

Have you staff on the minimum wage?

Of this arithmetic (above), which factors in the government’s proposed increase in the minimum wage, small business owner and blogger Paul Treyvaud [probably not paying himself the minimum wage] writes:

This [above] is very alarming for so many reasons. If you are currently on the minimum wage, you now earn less with the Government’s wage increase. Your employer is now under serious pressure to find the money to cover this increase.

You are now at risk of losing your job in order to keep others. Inflation will rise to cover the cost of the wage increase which means everything becomes more expensive which means not only are you 2c less off per week, your cost have living has now increased and you are actually far worse off!

But the most alarming point is only just about to be made…

Employers RSI bill will increase per annum by €37,791,000 (38.36-28.67 = €9.69 * 75,000 * 52 weeks in a year = €37.8m)

Employees RSI goes from zero to €55,653,000 (14.27 * 75,000 * 52 weeks = €55.7m)

And USC goes up to 5,265,000 (8.54 – 7.19 * 75,000 * 52 weeks = €5.3m)

A total tax increase of circa €98.8million

We are being lied to, plan and simple. If a Government can tell you what a wage is being increased to, then why the hell can they not tell you what the change in the tax credits will be. This proposed increase in wages is in fact a decrease and a whopping €100m windfall for the Government coffers.



The Increase in the Minimum Wage is in fact a bumper tax windfall for the Government (Paul Treyvaud)

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20 thoughts on “Doing The Minimum

    1. Anne

      Yeah, that’s what I heard when I watched the news.

      To address your man’s point – “If a Government can tell you what a wage is being increased to, then why the hell can they not tell you what the change in the tax credits will be.”

      Noonan is a primary school accounts teacher.. Enda thinks the minimum wage is 35K PA. Their experts haven’t worked it out for them yet.

      Just one other thing, he says there’s 75,000 people on the minimum wage. I’m sure when I listened to the news they said it was something like of 120,000. I was a bit surprised by the numbers of people living on a pittance.

  1. Spare

    scaremonger (ˈskɛəˌmʌŋɡə Pronunciation for scaremonger )
    a person who delights in spreading rumours of disaster

  2. David

    Employers’ PRSI is not ‘the employers pay this amount to the Government to hire you’.

    I’ll tell you what it is. It’s pure slimy spin.

      1. David

        So. He doesn’t want to help pay for the collective social benefits available in this country. But he does want others to subsidise his business.

        If he can’t pay a living wage to an employee, he’s in the wrong job himself.

        1. ollie

          “collective social benefits”?
          “Social housing” I pay my mortgage for my house and my taxes pay for your house.
          “social welfare” I pay my taxes for your social welfare benefits even though I’m not entitled to any.
          “Social services” I pay my taxes for your methadone while I wait for a hospital appointment.
          “social responsibility” I pay an insurance levy while you are still wealthy (Mr Quinn)
          “social recovery”. I pay the banks twice the Eu average on mortgage interest while you pocket a fortune in salary.
          “social conscience” I pay a fortuen in car tax while you get a government refund of €5,500 on your €150,000 BMW i8.
          “social club” A place to drink and play dominoes.

          1. David

            In fairness, it was your choice to get a mortgage.

            Also, it’s hard to imagine why you’re not entitled to any social welfare benefits. Not a single one? Not even one?

            If you’re waiting for a hospital appointment, yes, well, that’s another question altogether, little to do with PRSI, like the rest of your post.

  3. Owen C

    This is idiotic. You will not have a situation where the minimum wage goes up but take home pay goes down or stays the same. Tiny changes to minimum PRSI threshold will solve this. To say “I’m a businessman, I need certainty” is cretinous stuff.

  4. Kieran NYC

    This is like the anti-Mercille, but just as wrong-headed and ignorant of facts in favour of a polemic rant, just from the right-wing instead of the left.

    ‘Least it’s balance, I suppose.

  5. Omar sarhsn

    What about if you aren’t working the full 39 hour a week schedule. Like if you are a shop assistant that does 15-25, how does it pan out then?
    I’d suspect those folks are a Dominoes better off.
    Has anyone done that math (properly)

  6. Seriously

    Majority of minimum wage Full-Time contracts are for 37.5 hour weeks (81/2 hour days, minus one hour unpaid lunch).

    37.5 hours at €9.15 is €343.13, below the €352 threshold.

    *This all assume they are lucky enough not to be on a zero hour contract.

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