12 thoughts on “Free Sunday?

  1. ahyeah

    Pity that this is necessary (or the Muslim community feel it’s necessary). Not unlike the situation the Irish in Britain were put in during the Troubles. My experience of Muslims in Dublin has been totally positive – genuinely lovely people.

    1. Peoples

      Do these genuinely lovely people believe that apostasy should be punishable by death? Or that being gay is punishable by death?

  2. kev

    This is organised by the moderate, reasonable Blanchardstown group.

    The Clonskeagh crowd or Halawas will not be present.

    1. ahyeah

      The non attendance by Clonskeah doesn’t at mean that they’re not “moderate” or “reasonable”. There are loads of reasons for their non involvement, and I suspect that you know that. Just being a sh1t stirring pr1ck.

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