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Above: Camogie Poc Fada Ulster Champion Catherine McGourty (pic: Herald)

Anne Marie writes:

So the four men who won the GAA’s regional hurling Poc Fada were given a ski trip by Topflight. In fact the ski trip they won is the Topflight Today FM Annual Ski Trip.

Four women who won the camogie Poc Fada got a medal.

The Poc Fada final is on this Saturday so we’ve a campaign targeting Topflight’s MD Tony Collins asking him to offer the same prize to the women.

Here it is.

All people have to do is add their name.

‘Sexist’ GAA gives medal to camogie star while male winner goes skiing (Herald)

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      1. John Cassidy

        I would be willing to wager that most people up in arms about this have never been to a camogie match in their lives and are just jumping on the bandwagon.
        Have you seen the abysmal turnouts they get for a Camogie All Ireland Final?
        It’s all about money folks. If a Camogie All Ireland Final/semi final could fill Croke Park I’m sure Top Flight would have no problem sponsoring.
        Top Flight don’t sponsor because they’re nice guys, they do it because they see it as a return on investment which they wouldn’t get from camogie.
        Sorry to be the bearer of harsh reality.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          So what if people have never been to a match. They can spot something that is sexist. Sorry to be the bearer of harsh reality but Top Flight, if they had a clued up PR department would have offered to sponsor both.

          1. John Cassidy

            It’s probably the clued up PR department who decided it would be a bad return on investment. But to avoid adverse publicity, they may offer it now if all the feminazis keep up the bad publicity.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            FEMINAZI KLAXON!!!

            It’s like Godwin’s but for people who are even stupider and don’t get things good.

          3. Rob_G

            I think that the point that John is making is that if the more people actually went to camogie matches, or even better, got involved in their local camogie team rather than sending petitions, companies would be more likely to sponsor big prizes for camogie events.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      The competition was not run by different organisations. The GAA admitted that it gave both the men and women the same prizes, each got medals. If it was run by different organisations why would the GAA, the organisers of the competition, be giving out medals to the women?

      1. classter

        Why not campaign to be allowed compete against the men?

        Is that not the just solution?

  1. PKX

    The GAA organised a decent price for the members through sponsorship.
    The Camogie Association didn’t bother their sliotars.

    The sooner they come under the GAA the better for the players.

  2. AlisonT

    They are different sports so why should you attack the sponsor for only sponsoring one of them. Next time you most likely will have no prize for anyone.

  3. Holy Moses

    Another pointless and idiotic SJW (Social Justice Warrior) on the loose …. God help us all these really are the end of days

    1. The Old Boy

      Was there really a need to pointedly demonstrate that the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” has now such currency that it has a standard acronym, which you will presumably now employ?

      1. Major Thrill

        Careful now or he’ll call you a “White Knight” and you’ll be put right in your place.

  4. Pob

    The women’s poc fada is run by the same organisation who are using a coin toss to decide who of Clare or Dunlin progress to an All Ireland Quarter Final, talk to the camogie organisation. They’re completely inept.

    Yes, it’s disappointing that the prizes are not equal, but there are bigger problems with the organisation.

    1. ReproBertie

      Didn’t FIFA toss a coin to determine the pool finishing positions of Ireland and the Netherlands in Italia ’90?

  5. chris

    Lucky basters! I’ve been waiting years to win a free ski trip in a morally ambiguous competition from a national sporting entity with strong community roots that it may sometimes abuse.

  6. Continuity Jay-Z

    If the e-rabble go on to Top Flight’s Facebook page pronto, threatening to boycott they’ll buckle straight away and give into the women’s demands.

    This is how the world works.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    Come ‘ere ta me…..

    Going after the sponsor of the guys prize is stupid. Topflight PAID for the privilege to give those away either with cash or the prizes themselves.

    That would have been agreed between the GAA and Topflight. Topflight would have worked out the value to them of the coverage they would get for SPONSORING the prize. The coverage would be based on a lot of things… such as….
    – The player / potential poc fada entrants
    – The players past performance / potential performance
    – The players team (big players on big teams get more exposure… fact.. applies to all points really)
    – The players teams past performance / potential performance
    – Potential for local radio to cover the story and value of exposure
    – Potential for local papers to cover the story and value of exposure
    – Potential for national radio to cover the story
    – Potential for national papers to cover the story
    – Potential for TV to cover the story and value of exposure
    ( …potential for it all to blow up IN YER FACE! kinda story…. )
    – A bunch of other potential channels to get Topflight exposure via tinterwebs
    – You get the picture by now….

    So.. I ask, what fool told you guys to go and have a go at Topflight’s MD… are ye a bunch of head cases or what?
    Your beef is with the GAA, not the bloody sponsor ye muppets.

    This is one of the dumbest ways to complain about some GAA sexism that I’ve ever heard of.

    Laughable !

    1. chris

      Comments on your post; it is as long as it is languid. Please just summarise the main 3 bullet points. Concise short sentences are ideal. We were overwhelmed. The quick brown fox etc.

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      Because it would have been good if they had the cop on to sponsor both? PR gold!!

      1. Clampers Outside

        True. But with there being two governing bodies and based on ‘exposure’ would the women’s body have been able to strike the same deal? Probably not.
        But if both mens and womens were under the same governing body the women’s would benefit hugely.

        Personally I feel the women’s body has done well, shown it’s potential and it’s time it was brought under the wing of GAA ‘proper’… if you’ll allow me the phrase.. :)

        Back to the gnarly bit, attacking the sponsor is a total misfire me thinks, to put it mildly

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          I don’t know enough but the men and women being under the same organisation makes sense and would help develop their game.

          The exposure bit is a missed opportunity. It’s not all about hearing your name on the radio.

    3. Canal Fisher

      The PR for Topflight probably should have realised that the competition involved men and women. That only awarding a prize to one or the other to the Today FM ski trip would lead to negative feedback and a controversy that would reappear next January, during the price gouging holiday they organise to a quiet Austrian resort in low season

    4. Cian

      Your beef is not with the GAA. The GAA doesn’t do prizes for camogie, because the GAA does not regulate Camogie.

  8. Truth in the News

    Are not GAA players amatuer participants who take part without reward
    when did it all go commercial, incidentally did this lady get a monetary
    payment….? there needs to be taken, a hard look at the Grab All Assoc
    as they nothing short of a money making machine with little regard for
    the decidcated players.

  9. Rob_G

    If Barclay’s decide to give the winners of the Premier League a shed-load of cash as the prize, should the winners of the rugby league championship, or the long-jump gold medalist at the European Indoor Championships, feel aggrieved that they didn’t get the same prize, too(?)

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Those are different sports. Hurling and camogie are basically the same. Not do you mention gender. So yeah, not the same at all really.

      1. Rob_G

        “Hurling and camogie are basically the same” – except that they aren’t; they are two different games organised by two different organisations.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          They are basically the same game, regardless of whether they are in the same organisation or not. Football, long jump and rugby league are completely different. What point were you trying to make? How does it differ by the gender of the players given that’s the story?

          1. Rob_G

            “They are basically the same game, regardless of whether they are in the same organisation or not.” – rugby union and rugby league are also ‘basically the same game’, but I imagine that their prize structure is different, as they have two separate governing bodies.

          2. Rob_G

            “They are basically the same game, regardless of whether they are in the same organisation or not.” – I imagine that rugby union and rugby league have differing prize structures for their competitions, even though they are ‘basically the same game’

            Now, is this some form of discrimination, as you seem to be implying is the case in this instance, or merely that two differing sporting organisations choose to arrange things differently from one another?

          3. Pied Piper

            You’re missing the point Don. This isn’t a sexist issue. It’s masqueraded as one, when that is not the real problem.

            Had Topflight been offered the chance to sponsor the Camogie, and then they declined in favor of only sponsoring the mens GAA, I could kind of see some of your points.

            However, this is NOT the case. For the most part (Except this year in Ulster) the mens and womens finals. They are ran by separate entities. On separate dates and venues.

            Topflight never refused to sponsor Camogie – I’m sure they were approached by the GAA for sponsorship and obliged. I’m also pretty sure that Camogie didn’t approach Topflight (or anyone) for sponsorship.

            Having beef with the sponsor and spaming the MD’s inbox is frankly embarrassing. This will not resolves the roots of the problem and is only fueling this online ‘bulling until they give in” culture.

            Its simply a fact that GAA got a sponsor and Camogie didn’t. – but there much bigger problems that need to be tackled in the association than that!

          4. Rob_Gg

            “They are basically the same game, regardless of whether they are in the same organisation or not.” – I imagine that rugby union and rugby league have differing prize structures for their competitions, even though they are ‘basically the same game’

            Now, is this some form of discrimination, as you seem to be implying is the case in this instance, or merely that two differing sporting organisations choose to arrange things differently from one another?

          5. Don Pidgeoni

            Wait Rob, are we talking about cricket and netball here or something else? You’re argument is all over the shop – first its because they are like chalk and cheese and therefore not deserving of the same prize anyway and now its down to the governing bodies. Once you figure it out, let me know because I have no idea what your point is.

            @Pied – We don’t know anything about what happened unless we were on the organising committee, made up of both organisations, or the Central GAA person/team who organised the prize for the men. So true, we can’t say either way, but it wouldn’t have taken much to try and organise one for the women so I wonder why didn’t that happen? I never said I condone spamming anyone. My other comments are more generally around how women’s sport is funded and portrayed and discussed, which is inherently sexist.

    1. Humans Eh!

      you should copyright that, there is a porno movie franchise in it.
      I can see the sequel now..
      Sliothar Sisters II – Camán to f**k

        1. Humans Eh!

          Google ‘cumogie’
          and take the rest of the night off!

          I’ll get my coat…….

  10. Humans Eh!

    I signed the petition,
    for ‘the ladies’
    couldn’t find ireland on the country ddm.
    So I lied and said I lived in Vatican City.
    Will that count or will they realise I was bandwaggoning?

    Anyway, minor pr disaster for Topflight.
    Negativity sticks to you longer than money..
    and the former repels the latter.

  11. All Corrs are Lizards

    Womens sport is a watered down version of mens sport they cannot not hit the ball as far therefore the trophies and prizes are a watered down version of the mens prizes, which means medals a pat on the back and a “fair play arent ye great girls altogether”, and before giving out about “poc foda gate” when has anyone paid in to watch women play sport?

    1. ReproBertie

      “when has anyone paid in to watch women play sport?”

      I’ve paid to see Katie Taylor fight and there’s a whole heap of people paying to see Ronda Rousey batter Bethe Correia. The TG4 Ladies All Ireland tickets are €25 for adults and, from the TV coverage, there are definitely people at the games. I’m not 100% but I don’t think Wimbledon tickets for are given away free of charge.

  12. Pied Piper

    I have no idea why you would go after the sponsor on this… ridiculous.

    GAA & Camogie are separate organisations. Equality has nothing to do with this. It boils down to organisation.

    GAA got a sponsor, Camogie didn’t.. simples!

    I’m willing to bet a substantial sum that Camogie didn’t even approach Topflight for sponsorship.

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