Put Him Down




A Jack Russell Terrier (top) and ‘Judge of the Day’ Hall of Famer Martin Nolan

One witness saw Liam Dowling (44) swing the Jack Russell dog overhead by its lead and smash it to the ground up to 30 times as he crossed a park area by Clonliffe College.

Garda Shane Mengessidis said that Dowling was also seen putting his foot on the dog’s head while it was on the ground and pulling the lead tight.


Judge Martin Nolan commented that “by any standard what happened to this poor dog was incredibly cruel”, but noted that Dowling had been on prescription drugs at the time.

He further noted that Dowling cares for a child and is a “contributing member of society”.

Good times.

Man avoids jail after violently killing dog in public park (Irish Times)

Previously: Martin Nolan on broadsheet

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65 thoughts on “Put Him Down

  1. Drogg

    Judge Martin Nolan is consistently one of the worst judges in this country he lets real scumbags walk free with suspended sentences to endanger more people.

    1. PeteS

      He must be book-smart to have ended up as a judge. But by any other metric, he seems like a complete and utter f***wit.

      1. The Old Boy

        He used to be a Garda Sergeant before undertaking a career at the bar. I was always surprised he didn’t tend towards the “hang and flog” end of the judicial spectrum.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Sounds like an upstanding member of society alright. Should he be still on ‘prescription drugs’?.

    Also, I think we’re gonna need another Bingo square..

    1. Odis

      Should people on prescription drugs be allowed to own dogs – is surely the pertinent question.

        1. dereviled

          That is the implication.
          Do we know what he was prescribed?
          I think we should know.

    1. Nessy

      Says it all really..

      “He said he would not impose a ban on Dowling keeping animals, as he didn’t want to deprive the man’s child of having a dog.”

      The child had a dog, and the pr*ck viciously killed it by smashing it’s defenceless head and body against the ground up to 30 times

        1. Rob_G

          He shouldn’t be allowed keep custody of his kids after this, nevermind another f*cking dog.

  3. ReproBertie

    I make a point of checking the known side effects of prescription drugs for “impulse to engage in acts of cruelty toward animals”.

  4. j0ker

    Is this the same Judge Martin Nolan who sent the guy importing garlic to jail and also let the sex offender go free with a fine?

    Can anyone spare €15,000 so I can sexually offend this guy?

    1. Bonkers

      Its the same Martin Nolan, BS reported that he was moved out of sight of the public to the Family Courts back in 2013 after the attempted rape ruling where he let yer man off with paying a fine. Obviously he served his penance there and is now back making his daft rulings in public again. Another one of his was letting a civil servant caught with 8,000 child porn images away with a suspended sentence.

  5. Custo

    “He said he would not impose a ban on Dowling keeping animals, as he didn’t want to deprive the man’s child of having a dog.”



    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      To be fair, the man will probably deprive the kid of a dog sooner or later anyway

    1. Hector Ramirez

      So the judge does his job in the ‘linked’ case but doesn’t in the original piece… What argument are you making?
      This fella should be banned from ever having pets, having social services scrutinise his care of the child, including not being
      the carer of said child while on prescription drugs. He’s only a f*cking animal.

    2. Drogg

      He needs to get more then one case right, he has let rapists that have attacked randomers on the street with a fine.

    3. 15 cents

      wait wait wati .. everyone saying the judge did his job in the linked case .. he didnt. he said maximum sentence for raping your own sister 100s of times was 10 years on our weird island, but he only gave him 9 years.

    4. Bort

      We have maximum prison sentences in this country? Wha t?? The max you can get for rape is ten years? 16 counts he was found guilty of, why not give him ten years per count! And then the Judge gives him 9. And of course in Ireland you automatically gets 25% off your sentence, so the max would actually be 6 years and 9 months. The offender will probably get out earlier than that anyway.

      I give up

      1. The Old Boy

        The charge in that case wasn’t rape. Rape is tried in the Central Criminal Court, a branch of the High Court, and the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

  6. Well that's that

    Can the DSPCA not rehome the dog and can the ISPCC conduct an investigation and possibly rehouse his child? Alarmingly unstable and dangerous. That poor dog.

  7. Christopher

    Incredible- no ban on having animals? A list of previous convictions as long as your arm?The guy doesn’t even acknowledge what he did was wrong?! He has spawn so he should be allowed to do what he likes? Cannot bear this stuff. The law is an ass.

      1. scottser

        ‘you think you look normal your honour?
        c*nt give him two years’.

        must watch it again..

  8. Janet

    Really wish I hadn’t read this.
    Won’t be able to get the terrible image of the suffering of that poor dog out of my head for the rest of the day.

  9. ahjayzis

    Orientation Plan for New Judges;

    1. Ensure his party membership is up to date and dues paid.
    2. Lobotomise the F*cker.
    3. You’re done. Inflict the ignorant pox on the people.

  10. 15 cents

    every case i read in the paper where some d***head goes out of control and does something awful, they say they dont remember it, and it was a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs. its obviously something lawyers tell them to say straight away. you’d think a judge would see the pattern so far. or does he think ‘wow, a lot of people are on medication in this country, medication that makes them violent nutters.. and not just sleepy like anyone else’ .. infuriating.

  11. shitferbrains

    Not the sharpest tool in the box, this animal abuser, is he ? Tries to hide his identity from the photographer by putting a newspaper on top of his head.

  12. Lordblessusandsaveus

    I wonder does the judge keep these people out of jail for his own amusement. Waits to see what they do next. Takes bets with his friends on what they do next and how soon.

    1. ahjayzis

      Poor bemused judge can’t get it into his head why if all this weird stuff happens in the world, why everyone doesn’t just live in gated communities where they’re safe.

  13. Jake38

    The Irish legal system is an expensive joke, the sole purpose of which is to make lawyers rich.

  14. Brian S

    the kind of things i would do to this scumbag would resemble the scene in law abiding citizen with the mirror and the circular saw.

    the judge wouldnt get much better.

  15. Shane

    Ah, Judge Nolan of garlic-man fame. There was a change.org petition to get him removed a few years ago because of his outstanding leniency towards rapists. The petition didn’t reach 5,000 but might be time for another whack at it before his decisions lead to even more ultra-violence against women, or, indeed, pets.

  16. GreenMan

    He may be contributing to society by raising a child but that doesn’t mean he is above the law. Disgusting thing to do to a dog and it deserves to be punished. What an idiotic message for a judge to send out.

  17. alex lyons

    Nolan said he had no history of cruelty to animals, just a massive criminal record, so make sure to commit serious crimes in different areas of the law to avoid jail

  18. JunkFace

    SICK! This is horrible, that poor dog.

    What kind of prescription drugs makes someone a dog killing maniac??

    The guy is obviously sick in the head and should be in prison and banned from having pets for life.

    The judge needs a good kick up the hole everyday until Christmas

  19. Iseult

    That child is not safe
    Anyone who can find it in themselves to hurt an animal has crossed a boundary. ..it’s not a small thing. Bloody hell, dogs adore you…it’s impossible to live with one and not see it as a personality or feel for it

  20. D2dweller

    I actually can’t put into words how angry reading this has made me. Time and time again this judge has shown himself to be clearly incompetent and completely unrelated to the real world.

    Serious question – is there someone that can be petitioned to get this poor excuse of a man removed from his position?

    As a dog owner and just a generally compassionate human being this article has me shacking with anger – as much with the judge as the defendant

  21. Bingo

    My f*cking head nearly exploded with rage reading about what that scumbag did to that little dog. F*cking evil b*stard. That judge is an idiot too by the way.

    1. Janet

      Totally agree. It’s been with me since I read it. Absolutely despicable, vile and depraved excuse for a human being that would do something like this to a lovely, defenceless animal.
      This judge needs to be called to account for his actions.
      This country is a joke.

      1. pissedasanewt

        This judge is continually light on sex offences and now it appears animal cruelty too. But by god, if you label garlic as apples to avoid tax, let the wrath of the law fall up on you as you are evil, pure evil.

        This man should be jailed, his child taken away for safety and surely this prescription drug should not be on the market if one of its side affects is rage toward animals.

      2. Neilo

        Lex Ballionis. Smear Pedigree Chum – Nth Cumberland St. knockoff, if you don’t have a lot of scratch – all over the skanger’s bawbag. You may wish to wear a hazmat suit for this part. As dogs are awesome and even hungry ones are unlikely to attack, feel free to step in and plant your steel toecaps right into this devoted father’s fork. Just the once, mind, we’re not savages.

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