13 thoughts on “Bwwwong

  1. bisted

    …well Tadgh…that looks pretty much like the call to prayer that exists at the moment. In fact, if you take away the sound on both it looks like you copied the original and added a bit more explicit catholic bits.
    The angelus is an anachronism and is as objectionable to me as a non-believer as the orangemen are to the people to the people of Garvaghy Road up North.

    1. Starina

      Maybe you should have watched the video with the sound on before climbing up on your horse there.

  2. Mark Dennehy

    Ah, it’s funny, but really if you just got the RCC to pay RTE the market rate for that advertising time (and let any other religious groups who have a call to prayer do exactly the same thing), all this huff over the angelus would be gone overnight [i]and[/i] you could probably lower the price of the TV licence by a cent or three. The only people out of pocket would be the ones with all that gold cutlery and art stored away on all their buildings on all that land they own and who still kindof owe us a chunk of change over that whole sorry-we-raped-your-kids thing…

  3. gorugeen

    Gotta love the young girl standing mighty close to a open candle flame. Sure who needs fire safety standards when you have a Jesus?

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