11 thoughts on “I Just Want

  1. Odis

    What’s wrong with the posting on Broadsheet? Why is everything so slow? Why do I keep getting error messages from WordPress?

  2. Caroline

    Are we allowed to comment on the comics again? I really hope so. They often make interesting points, whereas I fear I have exhausted all I have to say on the subject of convenience shop pricing errors.

      1. Mikeyfex

        Plus another one. I know I’m seen as a political heavyweight around these parts but some times I like to mix it up with some trivial whimsy.

  3. rory

    That’s probably the subtext of all my social media posts right there.
    The text of the cartoon might be more powerful if you removed ‘on the internet’.

    1. Lilly

      ‘ On the internet’ has to stay because this phenomenon applies most of all to people who feel compelled to exhibit themselves online, the curated look-at-me.

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