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NUI Galway

This morning/afternoon.

Via RTÉ News

NUI Galway has disabled internet access for all staff and students, following an attempted cyber attack on the university’s IT systems.

Initial indications are that no data has been compromised.

The university said the situation is being monitored by IT, cyber security and data protection specialists.

In a statement, it said efforts are underway to restore normal access as soon as is possible.

“As a precautionary measure, the university has disabled access between the campus network and the wider internet, impacting all users, including students and staff.”


NUIG disables internet after attempted cyber attack (RTÉ)

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You actually might want to PANIC!

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From top: Sinn Féin’s chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Brian Stanley TD; Solicitor Simon McGarr

This morning/afternoon.

Further to controversy caused by tweets from a Sinn Féin TD celebrating a 1979 IRA attack and poking fun at Tanaiste Leo Varadkar’s sexuality…

…Solicitor Simon McGarr writes:

Twitter is a reflection of real life- just as a golf clubhouse, a GAA clubhouse and a nightclub are each different reflections of real life. They give expression to an aspect of public opinion. But Twitter has also become a broadcast system for official actors.

Politicians are used to broadcast media- that’s what most of them have trained to use for decades.

But a broadcast medium that is also an archive of all the dumb things we’ve ever said in passing and a two-way communications system? As [Sinn Féin TD and chairman of the Public Accounts Committee] Brian Stanley realised as he deleted his account, “we’re not as good at it.”

Meanwhile, the Government moves forward on laws to regulate citizen’s use of the internet and creating a crime of making an internet post that “causes alarm or distress to the other person”.

This points to a crunch happening from the middle of next year, when people who are self-confessedly bad at understanding and using the communication elements of social media will try to draw up rules that will restrict a good chunk of the world’s usage of it.

Ireland’s biggest Twitter-storm is yet to land.’ [More at link below]

The Gist: Storms in a Tweetcup (Simon McGarr)

Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill (Gov.ie)