24 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Quint

    Every Sunday Independent cover without fail: ’10 Euro Lidl voucher’ and a photo of a sexy young girl. A pretty female friend of one of the Berkeley victims made the cover last week.

    1. Bad At Memes

      I remember my Grandfather saying to me;
      Bad At Memes, if you’re looking for a job, buy The Independent on Thursdays.
      Every other day, (or if you aren’t looking for a job), please don’t buy it.
      -Rob one out of McDonald’s, and put it in a bin before some impressionable young kid gets to read it.
      The Sunday edition is the worst…Can you imagine the amount of money you can make passing off Press Releases as Editorial Content? You’ll feel robbed if you buy it, and on Sundays McDonald’s is full of Daddies with children they no longer know…a nightmare scenario for a vigilante newspaper-stealer..

      Sunday Independent = No.

  2. Bad At Memes

    Off-topic, but sure who cares?

    Dear Broadsheet,

    Der is sumthing wrang witt you’re webcite.
    It’s extremely annoying, just like that sentence.

    It takes ages to load, on my =superfast computer-interconnection thing.
    I can download a movie quicker than I can your frontpage.

    Sorry, I meant ‘YOU’RE’ frunt paige.

    It’s annoying.
    Posted comments appear 10mins later.
    (Been happening for almost a week. I saw someone else mention it a few days ago, so I don’t think it’s just me.)
    G’wan, do your best!

    1. Bad At Memes

      Technical Details;
      Up-to-date Win7 64bit
      Up-to-date Firefox
      Up-to-date Qualification In Repairing Computer problems of all sorts. 12yrs. 100% Success rate.

      It’s not me, it’s YOU.

      1. Walter-Ego

        Certainly sir. And can we have your IP address? Our IT department will look into it as soon as possible. Is there anything else that we, at customer service, can assist you with? @Bad At Memes.

          1. The Wizard's Sleeve

            (Yeah, this is me, Bad At Memes, using a different computer.
            If I could remember me password…if only…)

      2. Bad At Memes

        And it’s only on this site, nowhere else.

        My uneducated/semi-educated guess would point me in the direction of the latest Flash update.
        -But hey, I know next to nothing.

        Go deh, Karl!
        You de Man!

          1. Mani

            Any chance at all you can stop those delightful pop up ads crashing the app on apple devices? Every. Time.

          1. Bad At Memes

            Sorry Joe The Lion.
            I’m on the gange now and it makes me very aggressive.

            One day I thought I heard kids at my door, so I shouted out ‘†uck o††!’
            -Turned out it was just the ¶arish ¶riest having a ¶iss.
            -I was so embarrassed.

            I won’t tell me Da anything, I swear.

  3. The Wizard's Sleeve

    Facebook me hole.*

    Which reminds me:

    It’s nobody’s fault but you.

    CUN¥, ₩ANK and BO££OCKS.,

    You could do it too, but don’t ask me for help

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