12 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Grace

    Jaysis is the Ashes STILL going on?! Cricket is such a tedious sport that seems to go on for ever, and never have an off season. Yawn

  2. Kieran NYC

    Call me cynical, but methinks The Sun is trying to have its cake and eat it with that front page…

      1. classter

        On one hand there are EVIL MONSTERS burning family out of home.
        On another hand she says the state is treating her badly – UNCARING JOBSWORTHS IN THE COUNCIL/CIVIL SERVICE.
        On the third hand, NINE KIDS AND ONE ON THE WAY and on welfare.

        1. pissedasanewt

          At some point the state should have said, “You know what, we appreciate that you want a family, but after 2 you can start paying for them yourself “

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