Been There?


tee big

Lose your shirt.

Gain a tee.

What you’ll be wearing next season.

Available to order NOW priced €15 [includes lawyers’ renumeration] to marked ‘Denis Tee’.

Any proceeds to Waterford Whispers News’ legal defence WAR chest.

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Thanks Ciaran

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24 thoughts on “Been There?

  1. Mani

    No. You’re alright.

    Be more in your line to generate traffic by offering the tshirt in a DOB caption competition or some such.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    But I haven’t, so that’d be a lie.

    And if I went around telling lies about the Small Penis guy, telling folk I was sued by Small Penis guys, I could end up being really sued. And getting poked by a Small Penis is not my kinda thing.

    1. Always Wright

      If A Man With A Tiny Penis sued me, I’d definitely wear a tshirt proclaiming the fact with pride. In fact, I’d wear it whether he sued me or not, because it’s hilarious.
      (If we keep this up it’ll catch on, Clamps.)

      1. Joe the Lion

        If A Man With a Pussy for a Penis kept posting inane and worthless comments about A Man With a Tiny Penis other posters may or may not kick him in the fupping (no) balls

  3. Manta Rae

    No doubt Denis the Menace has the contract for printing these t-shirts. He’s got contracts for everything else…..

  4. Mani

    Telephone caller: Broadsheet, have ye any of those t-shirts left?
    Bodger, looks over his shoulder to the boxes of Things that Look Like Ireland books and 500 freshly printed t-shirts lie unclaimed.
    Bodger: Just the one or two.

  5. Lilly

    I’d prefer one that said ‘Jail Denis O’Brien’. And after that happy event in our parallel universe, his flunkeys could start sporting the ‘Free Denis O’Brien – with every €10 you spend at Topaz’ version.

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