This afternoon/evening.

Scenes around heat-shimmered South William Street (pics1-3, 6-8) and Stephen’s Green (pics 4-5).

The sun has got his hat on again.

Dumb, fickle orb.

Pics; Rollingnews.ie




Barry Sweeney writes:

Let it be sunny…

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18 thoughts on “Finally

  1. John

    The New Ireland that the Pope’s children have created is a bit of a freak show. The world does not revolve around “South William Street”. If you think it does, you really need to read some books (preferably not in a South William Street cafe) or go on a holiday. It’s like the Celtic Tiger has come back as an aging/dingy/grungy/hipster drunk, as opposed to a hopeful/ethusiastic/hard-working drunk.

  2. Some Dad

    I hope those embracing couples are embracing the people they are supposed to. Seriously though isnt there an unwritten rule about not putting photos of couples in the press unless you are sure they are a couple?

    1. edalicious

      To be fair, if you were worried about being snared with someone you’re not supposed to be with, you’d hardly be in an embrace on the benches in the middle of Stephens Green on a hot day in Summer now, would you?

  3. Joe835

    Walk past it every day, even went in yesterday but I’ve never sat outside Clement & Pekoe; it seems like you’re “on display”, all pointed out onto the street without so much as a table to hide behind.

    Which may perhaps be the very reason people do it.

    1. Dhaughton99

      But could you imagine the self important bull they are spouting between themselves.

      Comedy gold.

      Or maybe just Dutch Gold.

      1. doncolleone

        oh the insecurities, most people just sit there drinking coffee looking at the plebs go by, secretly judging you.

  4. Just sayin'

    Bit bizarre to see people sunning themselves on a towel in St. Stephen’s Green when its 12 degrees at 7 in the evening.

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