20 thoughts on “Barbarians At The Lock Gates

  1. Supercrazyprices

    Oh wait hang on now. This is only allowed down past Portobello or over by Drumcondra. No tikes allowed around D2 lock gates while we’re having our corporate sandwiches.

      1. B Bop

        He looks suitably attired…scobes are always sartorially non elegant in the proverbial tracksuit.

  2. Jones

    Clowns. Saw rats having the craic there on lunch a couple of hours ago. Enjoy the weil’s, mate.

  3. Owen

    I was only saying to friends of mine at the weekend when we visited Graignamanagh, were they have installed two diving boards and it is used by young and old alike, how in Dublin swimming in the canal is frowned upon while down there swiming in the barrow is considered an amenity and a free activity.

    1. ahjayzis

      It’s illegal to swim in canals.

      The water is more or less standing and that’s bad for all sorts of obvious reasons.

      1. Owen

        The water on the canal is constantly flowing and has the best natural filtration system there is otherwise it wouldn’t be clear.

          1. Owen

            No I haven’t, is it cloudy? Is there something polluting it at that section? It was gin clear at Portobello last Sunday.

        1. Colin

          Compared to a country river, its absolutely stagnant and filthy. As stated, fairly rat invested. Its in a fairly packed area of the city. You couldn’t pay me enough to swim in it.

          1. Owen

            Every river has rats, not to mention the run off from farms, slurry etc and local industries, oil spills from boats. The canal is not stagnant you just have to see the amount of water the runs over the locks, just because it is deep doesn’t mean it’s not flowing. If it was polluted it wouldn’t be full of life, swan muscles, cray fish, many kinds of fish and insect life. The canal in Dublin is probably cleaner than the majority of rivers and lakes in the country.

  4. Kieran NYC

    It’s like that scene in the new National Lampoon movie where they all go swimming in a shite hole.

    Or rather, it’s like that scene in the trailer. Since no one actually went to go see that movie.

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