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    1. george

      Yes, I’m sure they could have called into the hotel next door except that they were in rural Roscommon in a hotel set on 40acre grounds. You don’t seem to have much experience of the leaving the house.

  1. Benz

    It’s a mistake. I was there last week. That’s the price of the litre bottle. 330ml is about 3 euro.

    1. wedding guest

      Concur…I was there Friday and it was an average price. Lovely hotel – recommend it to all!

    1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

      ‘apologise’ my ass!
      -Don’t let OP away with this.
      The punishment should reflect the crime.

      Drown yourself OP,, in ‘sparkling’ water if that’s what you’re into, and then have a headstone made of that receipt.

      You paid the price and you have to pay the price.

      1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

        Alternatively, practice saying, ‘Stick it up your hole’..

        Don’t resort to bad language or violence. It just makes you look uneducated and ridiculous.

  2. Jane

    Joe.ie scraping the barrel with that article. Standard price for a large bottle of water in a first class hotel. Plus if you want alcohol then drink it but if you want water order that! I though whole point of ordering water is because that is what you want to drink! If money is the problem then order tap water as look like Kilronan offer a lovely glass :-) .
    It is a standard price and what I would expect to pay for a large bottle in such opulent and fabulous surroundings so Joe.ie really need to write more interesting thought provoking articles! Also for the record, its a large bottle and not a small bottle which one could compare more realistically with an alcoholic drink if that is what you like to do!!! Terrible article.

    1. Mikeyfex

      That was a mistake. They were given a small bottle and charged for the large. So charged 5.50 for what should have been 2.90. Right to complain except maybe in person, where something may have been done.

      Not sure how Joe.ie are involved here but you’re right: The standard on that site and its sister site is ridiculous, brain rotting stuff, but it is what it is and no one’s forced to visit it.

  3. Jane

    Mikeyfex, Kilronan are responding to an article written on Joe.ie, and Joe.ie took the facts from this site here. However, Joe.ie did not mention a mistake like you describe so if thats the case that is a different story! Joe.ie just complaining about the prices etc and how its cheaper to drink alcohol! It didn’t make sense in my mind :-) Perhaps look at their article, its very different to what you describe. Thanks.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I see, thanks.

      I just went with the info from here which is:

      First Picture and Tweet: 5.50 for ‘”Large” is 330ml’
      Second Picture: Kilronan clearing up that Large should actually have been 750ml

      Looks to me like the actions of a new, or slightly distracted waiter.

      But ya, one only needs to look at a small selection of Joe’s articles and their overuse of words like ‘Epic’ and ‘Hilarious’ to realise things are not always what they seem over there.

  4. Jane

    Thanks! Your interpretation seems completely correct and that would make sense- a waiter makes easy mistake at 1am :-) I was only looking at Joe.ie who did not even show the tweet, just a photo of the receipt and the article implies they just have a problem with the price. Misleading and pointless like I was saying!

    This article wasn’t “epic” or even “hilarious”….:-)

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