Defiant Skillz


alinaros 2

Alina Síle (top) and Ros Wynne (above), gold medal winners at the WorldSkills competition

Last night.

At the vocational training Olympics.

Maria Walshe writes:

Two Gold Medals, eight Medallions of Excellence and an 11th place ranking have been achieved by the team of 14 young apprentices, trainees and students who represented Ireland at the 43rd WorldSkills Competition in Brazil.

The results were officially announced late last night (Sunday) at the end of 4 days of competition in São Paulo. Gold Medals were won by Alina Síle in Hotel Management and Ros Wynne in Aircraft Maintenance. This is the fourth consecutive time that Ireland has won gold in Aircraft Maintenance…

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4 thoughts on “Defiant Skillz

  1. Robby Cook

    ” I think what really clinched the gold for Alina Síle was her ability to turn a blind eye to mulitple incidents of Brazilian hookers transversing through the lobby…”

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