Tight Lines in Dun Laoghaire


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Ultan of Sea Fishing Ireland writes:

If you can afford a summery shoutout, there is something really great going on in the Irish angling scene in Dún Laoghaire that’s also a tribute to multicultural Ireland and to diversity. Lots of Asian Irish folks fishing for mackerel together – whole families at times, and most encouraging – and a challenge to the stereotypical Irish taxi driver, sorry, sea angler – women swinging those mackerel flies off the end of a rod like the best of them.

And they’re catching too. Mackerel in bucket loads. So, people – take a walk down to the end of the West Pier in Dún Laoghaire or check out the tight liners on the East Pier too. It’s great to see this community in action. They’re welcome to Ireland and those tasty macks too. The great weather just adds to the spirit.

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33 thoughts on “Tight Lines in Dun Laoghaire

  1. Panty Christ

    The used to call mackerel fishing “nacker fishing” in dublin anyway, until restaurants started selling them barbecued with a spicy side salsa for 15 euro. Very good for you, no nasty bones to worry about. The chicken of the sea if you will.

    1. B Bop

      Terrible photos of what is usually a magnificent scene.
      Is great to see all the anglers etc however loo facilities are a must.
      The stench of pee & whatnot!

    2. Atticus

      I was just going to ask if Ultan is ok. There’s a world of difference between a “jaunty angle” and tilting a photograph so much that it looks like you accidentally hit the shoot button as you try to catch your phone as it falls to the ground.

  2. Nialler

    We used to called them Feathers not flies (flies would be trout fishing) and there were times you’d be pulling up three or four mackerel on a single set of feathers. Good days indeed should really get back into the fishing as it’s a great day out.

    1. Atticus

      Yeah they’re called feathers not flies.

      Mackerel fishing is great craic, especially for the novice. You catch loads.
      Not a huge fan of eating them though, but they are really good for you.

    2. Kieran NYC


      Lots of days spent on holiday in Youghal catching mackerel as the sprats came in to shore.

  3. tony

    The Asians believe powdered mackerel lips are the best cure for tiny, flaccid, haphazard elections.

    1. Dubloony

      Once saw a family whipping the fish out the the sea, gutting it on the quay and plopping them onto a disposable BBQ in about 2 mins. could not get a fresher meal. They were having a blast doing it.

      1. dereviled

        They are incomparable when cooked immediately, with a pinch of salt and some fresh bread to accompany them.
        *gazes out window, plots afternoon escape

    1. ahyeah

      You’re missing the bus is what you’re missing. Haha hahahaha. Go on now and get that taxi.

  4. Mayor Quimby

    I’m sure the atmos was great.

    A pity about the man taking diagonal pictures and slagging off taxi drivers

  5. Kolmo

    I go fishing, I’m aware it is looked down upon by some, not that I care about that one bit – what irks is the amount of litter left by semi-feral anglers around parts of the coast, especially near Dublin, it’s really sh1tty to have a beauty spot festooned with the detritus of those who are socially retarded, it’s maddening.

    1. ahyeah

      Only half as maddening as “festooned with the detritus…”. Just say what you want to say, and stop being such a fupping dope.

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