11 thoughts on “Love Note

  1. Mani

    Megan left the note on the kitchen table, giggling to herself. Christy loved these games. This would be another anniversary to remember. She raced upstairs, disrobed and decided on her hiding place. He was due home any minute, There, the wardrobe would do. She carefully stepped inside, ‘thank god for yoga!’ she thought, closing the door tightly. It was only then she noticed that it could only be unlocked from the outside. ‘No big deal’ she thought. ‘No need to panic. He’ll be here soon’.

    Meanwhile downstairs her mobile phone received one new text message. The vibration from which dislodged the note from the table, and it wafted gently, to and fro, until it found its resting place. Under the Aga. The text message read ‘Meg, honey, sorry. Got held up at a meeting. Will be a couple of hours late luv xxx’

    Upstairs, Megan noticed the air getting staler and staler. She was becoming dehydrated.

    She was right though. This was an anniversary to remember.

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