15 thoughts on “Six Wheels Good

  1. Punches Pilot

    What is it with the Brits and tartan. All I think of when I see tartan is shopping trolleys from the 80’s and Rod Stewart. Its fooking awful.

  2. Odis

    Looks like something off Captain Scarlet ©
    “I wish to requisition a Land Rover please”
    – “Certainly sir, your identity?

  3. Count Chuckula

    I look forward to having to mount the footpath to avoid one of these hurtling down the middle of Rathgar Avenue on a wet Monday in term-time.

    1. Neilo

      You should be alright for a while yet, Count. Presuming these muthas are ever sold here they’ll run to 350-400K at a minimum. Too rich even for the blood of the Rathgar Avenue-adjacent.

  4. Mr. T.

    That meatball Irish rugby player will probably buy one and cruise around the block repeatedly on South William Street like a sad self pleasurer.

    1. New Person A

      Mister T he’s. Not very happy.
      Cries like a baby who has just soiled his nappy
      Has he rash? Or thrush? Skitter ? Bad feet?
      Sure he was already teething before he could eat

  5. Kieran NYC

    Surprised it doesn’t come with some ‘Prepared for zombie apocalypse’ sticker on the back.

    Still though. Kudos for turning a concept car into something buyable for once, unlike every nice car I saw in the newspapers of my childhood.

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