17 thoughts on “Do You Know Michael Ebbs?

  1. Jason Donovan

    Post it to him, the friggin address is on the card!

    Jesus, the world is beating witness to the most infantile generation ever. Use your common sense.

  2. Esteban Donovan

    Donal & Jason, thanks so much for that helpful advice, it’s great to have people like you around checking up on things.

    I decided to try and find Michael first, as if he was in London he could get his card back today, rather than posting it to the Dublin address. I’m pretty terrible when it comes to posting things to be honest, so it was easier this way for me too…

    Thanks again for your advice, the world is all the richer for your positive, life-affirming attitudes.

  3. Eh

    Esteban, no need to be rude to the other posters just because you’re not very good at posting things.
    I’d be furious if it was my face and street you plastered all over social media.

  4. Michael Ebbs

    Hi Esteban, I’m Michael Ebbs. I live in London, what a find! I’d be over the moon if I could meet you to get that please. Also, the licence was originally in a green bag with some other important items that was stolen from a bar on borough high street so if anyone has seen the bag I would be very grateful, thanks

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