17 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. Bob

      Homer: [looking at a picture of refugees in a newspaper] Look at these refugees, Marge. Not even a smile.
      Marge: They’ve undergone terrible hardships.
      Homer: Well, moping won’t help anything!

    2. Frilly Keane

      Christ t’night Rym

      Being branded a baby killer would hardly bring out the best in anyone

      That girl was held in prison for 2 years ffs
      As prisoner baby killer ….

      And according to the Boston Paddies network
      There was never any solid evidence of murder
      And now, instead of letting Ashling go about her business
      The prosecutor has issued a statement saying she is to be deported, booted out, like a criminal

      10 million wouldn’t pay me enough compo
      Lay’ve the girl alone

      1. Buzz

        I remember reading she’d just got married before this happened. Is the husband coming home too? Awful case, who’d be a nanny in America.

  1. Casey

    So let’s get this right, wummen strip or are accused of violence = front page. Men rock up dully clothed = front pages too. Nice.

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