11 thoughts on “Don Says ‘China’

  1. Owen


    I hope when he is knocked out of this race he comes back next time and has to face off against Kanye. That would be just wonderful television. It would summaries the US perfectly.

    1. meadowlark

      Either one of them as president is a terrifying prospect, and when I say that I do mean that we are all DOOMED, but we’d have a great time laughing at the uncensored tripe they would come out with.

      1. Owen

        True. Ideally they both run Republican and then if either ones wins there is still the chance that a non religious, anti gun, non nut job will run democratic.

        F**k me though. Them republicans. DId anyone watch the ‘debate’? Don’t bother…. just skip to the last 10 mins when someone asks a question about god. A cracker.

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