Lions Led By Daisy




This lunchtime.

Irish Farmers’ Association protest on Lower Mount Street, Dublin.

RTÉ reports:

“Farmers from all sectors have gathered outside the EU Commissions office on Dublin’s Mount Street, accompanied by a cow, some pigs and trailer of grain.”

“They say their businesses are facing possible collapse in the face of higher production costs, price volatility and the continuing Russian import ban.”

“Irish Farmers’ Association President Eddie Downey has called for action at European level, and from EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, to safeguard the incomes of farming families.”

Farmers protest in Dublin over falling food prices (RTÉ)

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John Sinclair writes:

Daisy was a bit shy when they tried to interview her


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Further scenes of the IFA protest including dramatic piglet grain spillage photo op (above).

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24 thoughts on “Lions Led By Daisy

  1. ollie

    When the GArdai come to arrest these farmers for protesting (and they will, in 6s and 7s in the interests or impartiality),
    will they incarcerate or incinerate the cow?

  2. Dubloony

    Farmers – they had gone a bit quiet lately, its been a while fellas.

    Thought the milk quota going was going to turn dairying into white gold for export.
    Has the price of farm diesel shot up?

    1. Lan

      Sure! As long as you can show evidence of this “free money”? You know money not tied to environmental and animal welfare? The standards that are great, no argument there, but you cant really deny makes EU farming less competitive than the US or NZ, so EU farmers are compensated so all food doesnt end up from imported from those places

  3. 15 cents

    and yet FG say on their social media “looking after rural ireland” … proof they certainly are not

  4. doncolleone

    haven’t they abolished the milk quota? are this lot happy only when getting money for nothing from the EU?

    1. Lan

      Do you think that quota had something to do with payments?

      See above for the myth of “money for nothing”

  5. Bort

    Give them some more grants sure, what other sector can you get looked after because your business fails? Apart from banking and construction obviously

      1. Delacaravanio

        As you keep pointing out, food is a commodity like any other that we can import from abroad.

        1. Lan

          Yea nope, I’m pretty sure at no point did I refer to food as a commodity. If it is a commodity then its a very complex one.

          Aside from the food itself, how do you account for other externalities and common goods involved in the process of food production? Do you have a mechanism for paying farmers and other stakeholders (but farmers just happen to be the majority of stakeholders) to upkeep a non-exclusionary good like habitat protection (Natura sites), unpolluted watercourses (Nitrates Dir-still some work to do there though) or the iconic countryside (all those wee fields and hedgerows dont grow that way naturally).
          Remove CAP and youre choice is killing the biggest source of employment for much of Ireland (food production) or sacrificing these important other parts of Ireland (like the US or NZ does) in order to compete. So which shall it be?

  6. George

    Farmers, the dairy and meat variety. Vile repulsive people who trade solely in the misery and killing of animals. I’ve no sympathy whatsoever.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Grow up
      Would ya

      Irish pork and beef is world class produce
      And deserves good prices
      Our dairy output likewise

      Next time you see carrots for 20c in Aldi Lidl
      Ask yerself
      How much did the farmer get out’ve your 20c..

    2. David

      > Farmers, the dairy and meat variety. Vile repulsive people who trade solely in the misery and killing of animals. I’ve no sympathy whatsoever.

      Hear hear.

  7. Truth in the News

    Pity they did’t march last Saturday,they would have being able to explain first hand
    how they the IFA in the summer of 1999 submitted a submission signed by a
    Jim Devlin on behalf of the IFA advocating the introduction of water charges
    and that it be “expedited”, it began the senario that led to the introduction of water
    tax, how many ordinary members of the IFA know of this letter or were consulted.

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