23 thoughts on “Bumper Grinder

  1. Nugget

    What’s the issue there Ted? If this is the guy I think it is he normally drafts behind a scooter on the roads around Trim. Proper racer knows what he is at. Unless someone comes behind him taking a photo on their phone while driving.

    1. Liam from Lixnaw

      I think the “proper racers” are in Spain at the moment – unless his x-ray vision can see potholes thru the soft-roader, then its not so wise. Have plenty of experience of it myself both behind the wheel and on the bike in race situations – your surrounded by experienced drivers though – not very fair to be at this on the highway unless the drivers around you have some experience of it too – IMHO.

    2. classter

      The issue is being 1m behind the car.

      If the car has to brake suddenly for whatever reason, the cyclist gets it.

      Obvious, no?

  2. BabyJesus

    Assume it’s the fascinating Race Around Ireland. This fella had to reach the finish line in under 68 hours and made it with 6 mins to spare!

    Expect even more to follow…..

    1. Derv

      I don’t think it’s the Race Around Ireland. Drafting wouldn’t be allowed, and the following car would be part of the cyclist’s crew… But yeah, lots of racers from it will be in that area over the next couple of days! http://race.blackblox.si/

  3. Corky Duke

    another example of an idiot cyclist on the road being a danger to himself….the sooner he falls off the better….

  4. Chris

    Doing 50kph?
    Then probably a very experienced, possibly semi-pro rider who is out for some serious training.
    Nothing to see here. Move on.

  5. Mr. T.

    Went for a walk in the Wicklow mountains at the weekend. Place was plagued with mountain bikers using the walking trails. Drove home. Roads were plagued with racing bikers in two abreast groups of eight or more on narrow winding roads. Walked to work this morning. One way streets plagued with Dublin bikers going the wrong way while looking at their phones.

    Bloody cyclists!

  6. Common Projects

    > Roads were plagued with racing bikers in two abreast groups of eight or more on narrow winding roads.

    As they are entitled to be!

  7. Optimus Grime

    If you are an experienced cyclist 50kph is perfectly fine, plenty of videos knocking about the net of lads doin 100kph drafting behind lorries etc.

    1. dereviled

      The intro isn’t great but the writer makes some interesting points.
      Having watched a documentary on the early days of Formula 1 safety it was disturbing to hear the same concerns repeated 40years later.

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