21 thoughts on “Poo Corner

  1. Stewart Curry

    Must be great constantly stepping in dog poo because some people won’t pick up after their pets.

        1. Neilo

          Hmm, the guy obviously detected a hint of something awry when he taste-tested the pee for its provenance.

  2. bm

    Must be great to plant some flowers to brighten up the road and then someone lets their dog widdle on it every day.

  3. Nikkeboentje

    In fairness there is nothing worse than people who don’t pick up their dog’s poo. I have lost count of the number of times I have been out for a run and stepped in dog poo.

    1. SB

      There IS something worse – when they pick it up, bag it, and then dump the bag (or hang it off a tree) so it never biodegrades. Obviously just picking it up while visible to others, then dumping it around the corner.

  4. Disasta

    Midleton Cork, the most dog POO covered place that must exist. Because if there’s somewhere worse people there would be walking around on stilts to avoid the sh1t.

  5. Notsayin

    Seriously, people get annoyed at dogs being allowed piss. Dog poo yeah thats a big no no, personally I always pick up after my dog, but what exactly are you supposed to do about your dog pissing….catch it in bucket?

  6. ams

    what’s the story with people putting their dog poo in a bag and then leaving it on the street – massive problem in D12 – just don’t get it!

      1. Tarfton Clax

        People leave Sofas and old fridges and all sorts of household rubbish all over D.12, so Poo bags no surprise.

  7. Demon

    Public street. Public tree. Not good for tree to put screws into it. None of poster’s business where a dog pees. Of course dog owners should pick up dog poo, but there should also be litter bins to place it in – I’ve often carried a bag of poo for a long way before finding a bin.

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