10 thoughts on “Stair Pr0n

  1. Digs

    Imagine showing this to Sean Dunne… He wouldn’t know what he was looking at. ” Very old fashioned, very dowdy. I just like small straight lined boxes meself.”

    1. cluster

      Nonsense – Sean Dunne, like most of his ilk, seems to be a fan of the ostentatious & the pastiche – not clean-lined modern design. See his current house in Conneticut for an example. His home in Dublin was a pastichey home on Shrewsbury Road.

      The image above, ‘fancy’ pictures and all reeks of wealth. The likes of Dunne would have been all over it.

      1. Digs

        Not that level of detail, and detail is what separates the fine from the ostentatious and gauche. His house in Shresbury was decidedly vulgar and unsophisticated. See for yourself.


        You can take the man out of Carlow….

    1. MW7

      C’est incroyable.

      More of this type of thing BS.

      Obligatory grumpy comment – you just don’t get workmanship like that anymore etc etc.

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