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  1. Steve

    Lol. The poet is quick to criticize Israel and fond of criticizing others. But criticize Hamas? Unthinkable! Why doesn’t the Galway man do one better than Sir Bob and fill up the Aras with his pals from Gaza? Or maybe write a poem on it? It seems he’s developed quite a taste for pontificating to other nations how they should conduct their affairs. Whatever happened to his nationwide ethical initiative that was the cornerstone of his election campaign?

    Selective photography on Examiner – they brush over the reality that the majority of these refugees are i) not from Syria at all, ii) miraculously have no documents iii) are young unskilled males and iv) muslim.

    Anyway, the ethno-masochism on display in the Irish establishment media certainly won’t be affecting Mick Higgins today nor 10 years into the future when he’s not around anymore.

    1. Wayne.F

      Steve, do you have access to some facts that the EU don’t? In order of origin countries applying for asylum Syria, Afghanistan, Eritria, Kosovo. They are facts that don’t require any special photography tricks. Not sure what relevance their religion is

      1. Steve

        Seeing as the Dublin convention has been discarded, there is no EU policy.

        Maybe we should seek an Irish refugee and immigration policy? We don’t even have the ability to forumulate and publish a policy, nevermind allocate resources to implement and enforce a such policy. Half the Irish navy is off in the Meditteranean taking orders from the Italian navy (it would be cheaper and fewer lives would be lost if we had a torpedo policy), our 9-5 immigration officials allow inaugural flights from Ethopian Airlines to land in Dublin airport full of undocumented FGM victims/tortured homosexuals (and proceed to admit them), so our policy is effectively “open borders”.

        The whole thing is a sorry mess. Trust Mick Higgins to rattle off a few platitudes in front the press, or if we’re lucky, recite a line of poetry in a faux regal accent to a room full of nodding of dimwits.

        1. bisted

          …it’s not often I find myself having common cause with rabid zionists but Higgins has proved himself to be a pathetic Labour factotem.

      2. Original Cynic

        Their views on women’s and homosexual rights, democracy, and freedom of speech ARE relevant though!

        1. Wayne.F

          Original Cynic as are anybody’s, citizen or asylum seeker! Should we deport the Burke family because of their views based on religion?

          Interesting to see that Steve is Ignoring the obvious facts about origin to spew venom and hate. The current crisis has made the Dublin agreement redundant, Greece, Hungary and Italy can not carry this burden alone. It is a European UNION

          1. Steve

            Ireland already has an open doors immigration non-policy. What more can we do?

            Do you mind telling me what the point of paying taxes at 50% levels is? Is it just so that we can resign all our sovereignty, import the world’s problems and export a few meaningless platitudes about how “Europe isn’t doing enough”?

            I know lots of people who have no problem reminding themselves of the carry-on of these idiots in power and the actions/inaction/ignorance of comfortable subscribers to the public payroll. F*ck them. Men of free will have a moral duty to disobey unjust laws. Paying into a bankrupt system does not trump your basic needs and the welfare of your family.

            And btw, I fully support Ireland accepting (uconditionally) a fair proportion (at least) of Syrian refugess in posession of valid documents. But my view is an irrelevance when you see the country wide carry-on that goes on in direct provision centres, social welfare offices and all the State-funded quangos.

            Finally, Ireland has more in common with Britain than it does with “Europe”. At least the British feel some level of obligation and duty towards us. They also have a fond affection for us. This despite all that has gone on. German federalists couldn’t give a diddly-squat what goes on on this island.

          2. Original Cynic

            We should only offer asylum to those who will not, due to their religious beliefs, threaten women and homosexual’s rights, freedom of speech and democracy.

          3. Wayne.F

            Than original cynic what should we do with those who all ready live here such as Eunoch Burke, David Quinn and Breda O Brien who’s religious beliefs lead to the same issues

          4. Steve

            How many homosexuals were killed in Syria in the last 12 months? And how many Christians were killed in Syria in the last 12 months for refusing to renounce their faith and say “Allah Akbar” before having their throats slit?

            Which number do you think is about two orders of magnitude higher?

            Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay! That’s all you ethno-masochists can think of. And the very worst of women (i.e. fat unfertile feminists) who you prostrate yourselves in front of in the hope of the odd sniff. Your type is preoccupied with your next impulsive visit to the boiler house and can’t see anything beyond it. And the State-funded healthcare system is left to pick up the tab from your impulsive behaviour. Vladamir Putin and Xi Jinping are laughing their heads off. Their most technologically advanced inter-continental nuclear missles couldn’t achieve the same level of destruction.

  2. B Hewson

    “EU plans new force to enforce its borders ” bit late for that. Over 1million have wandered in undocumented. EU talking shop is a complete disaster. This happened over months not weeks. I’d say the likelihood of UK leaving EU is far higher. Where are these people going to go? Build ghettoes for them? Give them free houses? Can they speak German? When they get a visa will they jump on a plane to wherever they want. There is going to be massive strain on countries resources like hospitals etc

  3. Bill

    People need to realise these people are economic migrants, this is a quote from a so called refugee “Abdullah Baker, a 26-year-old physician from the war-ravaged city of Aleppo in Syria, said he wants to work at a hospital in Freiburg, Germany, where a friend is already employed”. That quote proves these people want nothing more than to come to Europe to work. They have entered Europe illegally and refuse to be processed like all refugees have to be. What if a portion of these migrants are extremists or members of isis, will you all be so welcoming then? When they start attacking, the people who are to blame are those who think it’s acceptable to just allow hundreds of thousands of migrants enter Europe illegally.

    1. Steve

      There was a time when refugees were sent home when the war was over. They would get a letter and a ticket and they would politely write back to say thank you.

      The idea that refugees might (never mind should) be sent home after the war is declared over is anatehma to Irish quango bosses and quango workers (most of whom are complete with master’s degrees in gender equality, women’s studies, conflict resolution and international politics. Many even have PhDs on Gaza, have been backpacking to Beiruit where they uploaded lots of photos onto Facebook, and follow Robert Fisk on Twitter).

      Every person who is sent home is one less place in a direct provision centre, one less client to see on a Tuesday evening, one less invoice to submit to the State for legal representation and one less statistic in the annual glossy report. If supply were to go down, the price of privatised services in the poverty and immigration industry would go down and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      God forbid he would want to leave a war-ravaged town and be able to put his skills to use in a place where he has a support network.

      Steve, lay off the glue.

  4. ABM

    Europe is on a path of self-destruction. Those in power now don’t remember WWII. They’re abstracted away from the hardship of the world and play a very simple game consisting of two steps. Step 1: get on the gravy train. Step 2: Stay there.

    Instead of building a political, economic and military force in the world (a force that can compete with the might of China and Russia), the reality of the “EU” for most people is an unaccountable bureaucracy that’s pre-occupied with rules and regulations, bendy bananas, gays, women, denying our inherited Christian heritage, EU education/brainwashing programs, printing money, doling it out to the most brainwashed of all and making bad decisions at a glacial pace.

    I was never asked if I wanted stars on my passport. Nor did I ask for a mandatory flag on my car. I guess I should now consider myself a forced “citizen” of an unaccountable super state? Ideally, I would like to live in a sovereign republic with small government, low taxes and individual responsibility. Practically, I realise that the Irish are an incompetent, dishonest lot who are incapable of governing themselves so I would much prefer to be under the wing of Britain (yes, Catholicism and British rule is achievable). But under the rule of EU federalists? That is an idea that I detest.

    Someone mentioned “ethno-masochism” above. That’s exactly what we are witnessing in Europe.

    Here’s the psychology:
    Stage 1: I would not like hurt others
    Stage 2: People are equal
    Stage 3: I like different people
    Stage 4: I prefer different people
    Stage 5: I hate people who are like me

    Ireland has arrived. And Michael Higgins is on hand to fanfare the arrival. Smiling and waving from the steps of the Viceroy’s Lodge in an ill-fitting white tie.

    1. bisted

      ‘… denying our inherited Christian education/brainwashing programs’
      – there, fixed that bit for you…

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com


        “Christian heritage” = the way to be racist/sectarian, without saying it so starkly.

        1. John

          Oh, so religion is a race now? It’s a valid observation to say that modern European civilisation (you know, the rich, successful and prosperous civilisation) has a Christian heritage. Do you deny this?

          1. bisted

            …I think the pre-christian Romans and Greeks might have something to say about European civilisation…in fact, if the Romans had a few more lions we might not have had half the trouble…

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            It sure was Christianly to build that wealth and power by pillaging other countries of anything of value while installing favoured leaders and then having the audacity to claim their poverty is because they are lazy.

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