38 thoughts on “How Was It For You?

    1. Digs

      Agreed, a good festival that has been hijacked by too many snotty nosed brats and culchies. Used to be good…

      1. Quint

        Agree. Only groups of lads in Dublin GAA tops should be let in. Those gap-toothed simpletons from the country just ruin it for everyone.

  1. Jimmy Rimmel

    Facilities creaking under bigger numbers, more toilets needed! Beer a rip off and completely inconsistent policy on cans- last year no problem this year confiscation – aside from that what can you say, pissed for 3 days in a field

      1. ahyeah

        as you yourself told me, Mikey, generalising is the only way we cut through all the poo and still have time for lunch

    1. Mikeyfex

      They are to some people, and to others they’re just headdresses. The latter having absolutely no idea that people might find them offensive so apart from being clichéd at festivals – which is enough to make you a hate-figure – there really must be bigger fish to fry.

    1. human

      Also Irish Lads who wear aviators and still think the Tom Cruise 80’s look is the height of fashion…

    1. Rowsdower

      Depends on your definition of savage weekend I suppose.

      Any weekend where I’d have to queue to squat over a fecal drenched putrid portoloo as the only form of relief before mauling through the hoard of piss stinking, pissed up revellers would not be classified as savage in my book.

  2. Peter

    In terms of the weather and the acts, it was great.

    In terms of male toilets, absolutely loads of urinals, but men poo too – sort it out for next year! A youngish, scummy element at it, but that’s been the case for a few years.

    Most importantly, they need to lower the attendance amounts again. And why would they reduce the capacity of a festival that sold out months in advance? Because I said so! Seriously though, it was fairly packed at 35,000 people, never mind 50,000.

  3. Nibbers

    First-time goer here: agreed regarding the too few male loos and the extortionate beer prices, and would add that the security verged on the ridiculous. In total though I thought it was great. The first night I was a bit worried because people seemed to be absolutely smashed off their faces so I was expecting fisticuffs all over the shop and general madness, but things really calmed down for the next two nights. No real problems, great line-up, particularly in the tents (I found the main stage to be a bit disappointing – didn’t hold the sound very well and the crowds never seemed all that into it, especially for boring old Blur). 10/10 would go again.

    1. Annie

      For a first timer you have pretty much nailed the picnic in one comment. Security used to be so sound, now not only are they ridiculous re: confiscating drink after the bars close but also seriously inappropriate searches. Males searching females pretty closely, some detailed pat downs going on. Not at all ok.

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