Stretching Defiance



Anon writes:

Went to the Milan Expo yesterday to see what everyone was talking about. Well – firstly – look at our flag. The heart sinks. Don’t understand how Ireland could have accepted this is how our flag was represented.
…Went into the Ireland area – We have such a great message and it was just lost – there were typos in the presentation…it was so flat and unimaginative and disappointing. And then Bono arrived. I wondered why I spotted Simon Coveney and his dept. peeps of a Sunday at the Expo…


Irish Pavilion , MilanExpo

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15 thoughts on “Stretching Defiance

    1. george

      The flag is always landscape format not portrait. The stripes should be horizontal in this format. This is equivalent to the German or Austrian flags in Irish colours rather. Imagine taking the Union flag or US flag and stretching it vertically.

  1. Rob_G

    The flag doesn’t bother me that much, and I don’t imagine it would have bothered too many people, tbh.

  2. doncolleone

    what is your “great” message? we will launder your tax money with our soft touch? we exploit and kill animals? we’ll let you land your warplanes for pay your fees? We saddle our citizens with huge tax burdens so your profits won’t be affected? We can’t take a pic in focus for love or money?

  3. Paolo

    Anon (if that is your real name) should get out more. It’s perfectly normal for a flag to be printed on a banner like this.

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