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This morning.

The controversial new Irish edition of The Times, a new digital daily part of a 7-day subscription package (link below) with The Sunday Times.

Its ‘welcome’ editorial says:

Welcome to the Irish edition of The Times and thank you for subscribing. This new newspaper is part of a seven-day digital package, which includes the Irish edition of The Sunday Times. The Times has been in existence since 1785. The Sunday Times was founded in 1821 and has had an Irish print edition for over 20 years. Both newspapers have a long and distinguished tradition of quality journalism. The Sunday Times is an established and popular newspaper in the Irish market and we intend for the Irish edition of The Times to be as strong a competitor among its daily rivals.

The newspaper industry has undergone significant change in recent years. It has been challenging but it has created new opportunities. We continue to print the UK and other editions of The Times — and will do so for some time yet — but we have also developed a world-leading digital offering, using the full array of platforms — tablet, smartphone and web — now available to us.

We have embraced the possibilities that technology provides and we are determined to stay ahead of our rivals. We still tell stories, we still break news, but we are now able to do so with more style and flair, allowing our readers to enjoy a far more interactive experience. In Ireland we have chosen to concentrate on a digital-only product for the Irish edition of The Times. We believe this will give us the opportunity to seize the potential of the medium in a way that has not been achieved in the Irish market to date.

The changes in our industry have also enhanced the relationship we have with you, our subscribers. We believe in the importance and power of quality journalism; we believe in hiring professional journalists to produce it; and we believe we must charge a modest amount for their efforts.

By supporting our journalism you are far more than a reader: you are a member of The Times. We want to hear from you and our technology allows you to get in touch more conveniently. You can also share our journalism more easily and, in doing so, help us to learn what you are interested in and where best to focus our efforts.

If we are asking our members to pay, we must offer more. This is why News UK and Ireland, our parent company, has invested in exclusive content such as our sports highlights packages for exciting competitions including GAA league and championship games in addition to British Premier League matches.

Being an Irish edition of a world-renowned newspaper puts us in a great starting position. In addition to the 30 journalists we have in Ireland, we have 350 in London and 36 around the world. Ireland is a vibrant country with a strong sense of its place in the world. We think readers of the Irish edition will be keen to know about domestic affairs, often in great detail, but we also think you will want to know more about what is going on outside this country.

A newspaper with a different perspective in the Irish market is a positive development. The more competition the better. We believe we will distinguish ourselves by providing quality and insightful Irish news but, crucially, we also intend to pursue an outward-looking agenda. As a newspaper we have a global reach that no other offering in Ireland can match. We believe that this will allow us to deliver exciting, informative and entertaining journalism and we look forward to sharing it with you, seven days a week.

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10 thoughts on “The English Times We Live In

  1. 15 cents

    its mostly english news anyway, i defo wouldnt pay to keep up to speed on british politics… there’s far more craic in observing our own lot and their keystone cops style escapades.

    1. Green fingered

      I take it that that analysis is based on you having downloaded and read an app that only launched this morning. The 30 journalists they employ in Ireland must be delighted to be getting paid to file their nails all day.

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