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10/9/2015. NO REPRO FEE. Former Dublin GAA captain Bryan Cullen pictured at ODEON Cinema, Point Village with children Morgan Freeman Savannah Keogh, Summer O Callaghan and Charlie O Reilly from St. Audoens NS, Dublin 8. Bryan was on hand to announce that ODEON Cinemas nationwide will hold  free live screenings of the Dublin vs Kerry GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship Final on Sunday 20th of September. Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.

Former Dublin GAA captain Bryan Cullen  at ODEON Cinema, Point Village with Morgan Freeman Savannah Keogh, Summer O Callaghan and Charlie O Reilly from St. Audoens NS, Dublin 8.

ODEON cinemas will screen the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Final on Sunday where Dublin will take on 2014 All-Ireland Football Champions Kerry.

The closest ODEON Cinema for Kerry fans is ODEON Limerick, 113km away while there are four ODEON Cinemas in Dublin at Blanchardstown, Coolock, Point Village and Stillorgan.

Lisa Clancy, Director of Communications at GAA writes:

“Screening the GAA Football Final and Hurling All-Ireland Finals in ODEON Cinemas nationwide is a fantastic way to soak up the electric atmosphere for those who can’t make it to Croke Park on All-Ireland Final Day. We hope GAA supporters and their families will take advantage of this unique opportunity and come and enjoy the entertainment and skills of our great game of football on the big screen on one of the biggest days in the GAA calendar”.

To celebrate, we have two FAMILY passes (4 tickets x2) to an ODEON cinema near where YOU live to literally give away.

To enter, just provide a title for the the greatest GAA movie ever….

Lines MUST close at 12NOON 2.45pm 4,45pm.

ODEON cinemas

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66 thoughts on “Win All Ireland Final* Tickets

  1. fluffybiscuits

    A biography of Diarmuid Connolly called “A Short History of Violence”

    Or about a documentary about clergy in the church called “States of Beer”, what happens after you go on the lash with the men in a white collar

    No Country for Camogie Women – Film about how they dont get their holidays but the male seniors do

    I can go on with this you know….

  2. Mick Flavin

    The Movie Where Bryan Cullen Repeatedly Threw Away Damien Sheridan’s Tee, Preventing Him From Taking A Kick-Out As Longford Were Chasing The Game In Extra-Time Of The 2008 O’Byrne Cup Final.

    (Not bitter)

  3. delacaravanio

    “ODEON cinemas will screen the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Final on Sunday…”

    The final isn’t until the 20th?

  4. scottser

    all-star wars

    i’m running thin now. i’ve never been to an all-ireland final, and at this stage it looks like i’ll have to give marty morrissey a hand-shandy to get a ticket.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    My GAA Movie Titles….


    Touch Long Trilogy
    (Torch Song Trilogy)

    Just One Of The GAA’s
    (Just One Of The Guys)

    GAA Moi
    (Baise Moi)

    Bog-ball Day Afternoon
    (Dog Day Afternoon)

    The Rocky Horror Puc Show
    (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)


    The Crying GAA
    (The Crying Game)

    …yes, there’s a GAA theme… and a gay theme to these :)

  6. fluffybiscuits

    Paul Galvin is “The Co-Ordinator”

    Sent back with his beard from 500 years in the future to stop horrible fashion trends from arising. He must stop the evil computer bi-net which swings both ways, towards bad and good fashion….

  7. SomeoneElse

    Black September.

    I know that was the name of a terrorist organisation, but it would make a cool name for a movie where Al Qaeda tried to blow up Croke Park on All Ireland final day, only they didn’t take into account Brian Corcoran coming out of retirement to lead Cork to their 31st title by scoring 6-15 in a 6-16 to 0-2 win over Kilkenny while foiling the terror plot at an unusually long half time period with only his hurley and wits.

    The sequel can go along a similar plot line only he’s up against Isis and he does the same thing 2 weeks later and helps Cork get their 3rd double.

    IT COULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!

  8. Frilly Keane

    Game of Throw Ins
    Red Cardober
    The Wexican
    Rebel Rising
    Arra’ I could do loads more

    But for the weekend that’s in it
    Let’s just lay’ve it with this

    Animal Farm v Jackass

  9. Unlovable Dawg

    One flew over the Hill;
    The Silence of The Hill;
    15 Angry Men;
    A Kerryman in Dublin;
    The Good, The Bad and The Dubs;
    The Kerry Connection;

    These are all suggestions from the Office. If we win we will raffle between us. :)

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