12 thoughts on “Only The Throney

    1. Emma-Jane Dempsey

      I didn’t see it before then sorry. I randomly came across it this morning and thought it was just too funny not to share!

  1. Joe835

    He’s one to talk about treachery, letting Gendry go like that.

    And how come he grew up in the same part of King’s Landing as Gendry yet sound leek a Geordie, man woman pet?

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      There will be or there was a coup? Neither are true.

      Liam is as qualified as any of us to give our opinion on Ireland’s and Greece’s response to the crisis. The situations are vastly different (but can still be compared, if that’s your thing) but there was a prominent member of the group that designed our terms that said we were shafted.

      1. classter

        He may be equally qualified but that is still a vacuous, moronic comment from Liam.

        On secodn thoughts scratch that, he is not equally qualified to comment.

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