James writes:

Noticed this morning that that before the tickets were sold out, there was a ticket (standard) for U2 on Stubhub for £2714. Sheer Madness

*wipes tier*

U2 tickets (StubHub)

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15 thoughts on “Vertiginous

    1. PaddyIrishMan

      Unless you happened to like them and would really enjoy the show like, er, the buyers who bought all 50,000 tickets in 30 mins. It’s nice to be free to choose the music you like.

      1. scottser

        I think it’s safe to assume that most of those tickets will end up for resale and the majority of fans who genuinely want to go will emd up paying 4 or 5 times the face value. As usual.

  1. Wilhelm

    There are many people reselling their corporate/sponsorship tickets. There’s also some VIP club where 3 Arena guarantees you tickets. This also happens at sports events like sold out rugby matches.

    The ID requirement only applies to standing tickets where you get no ticket and have to present the credit card used to purchase your spot. I

    1. Conor

      So what you’re saying is I could have bought seated tickets and flogged them off for a fortune???
      Dammit I thought all tickets were of the paperless/credit card required kind.

      1. Wilhelm

        Possibly but there is no guarantee anyone would actually buy them. You were only limited to 2 tickets anyway and those who really wanted to go got their tickets in the presale/general sale.

        1. Conor

          Well judging by the prices listed on Seatwave etc there is definitely a market. Man I wanna be a sleazy scalper, could have been a winter hollier sorted.

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