39 thoughts on “‘Sounds Like The Stuff I Listen To On Spotify’

  1. Digs

    He’s very good, and I’d have thought very marketable. How on earth do labels get behind the the likes of the coronas and kodaline when someone like this gets overlooked. Utterly baffling.

    1. Mr. T.

      Because Coronas and Kodaline have Daddies with the right connections and their bland crap appeals to people with no taste.

  2. scundered

    vinyl sales whilst making a comeback, will only appeal to tiny proportion of the public, he’s pushing the wrong format.

  3. martco

    haha its The Commitments II

    “….the music industry is a bit poo at the moment….”

    *defo won’t head off now to playtube, promise ;)

    1. scundered

      I used to get white labels pressed up years ago and think it worked out around £1 per record and that was with no artwork.

      1. Draxx Ltd II

        Its a hell of a lot more these days. Where did you get them pressed? Around 800 sterling for 200 white labels some places, i’d imagine this dude could make a loss…. But fairplay to him! Cool video and tunes.

  4. RockyRoader

    He’s playing in Abner Brown’s Barbershop in Rathmines on Thursday night – I might get along to that.
    Great place to see a band!

  5. Mr. T.

    That cute girl in the green dress. Oh yeah. Chemistry there alright.

    His mate’s a filmmaker as well. That’s a very nicely edited piece.

  6. J

    “Have you any Elvis”….Bono , he’s an eejit. Forgot where he came from”. Very funny video. Really enjoyed.

  7. Donal

    yeah great video – I like his positive attitude – more musicians should do this sort of thing. Musicians are so remote from normal people – you can see their surprise when they realise it was him that created this good music.

    From a video point of view I would make it clearer that he is selling a CD and vinyl. for a lot of the video it looks like he is on to a loser because who the hell has a record player these days.

  8. Eoghany

    Everything about that video was great. In a just and fair world, bono would be the one going door to door, and this lad would sell out Croker in 5 mins.

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