The Hateful Eight



A new campaign launched today involving all manner o artists, actors, poets and whatnot hoping a repeal of the eight amendment will become a central talking point in the run up to the next General Election.


Artists’ Campaign To Repeal The Eight

Irish stars call for abortion reform (Henry McDonald, Guardian)

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95 thoughts on “The Hateful Eight

        1. Small Wonder

          It affects everyone? Or does it affect just women and doesn’t make a jot of difference to anyone else?

          1. newsjustin

            No. It affects everyone. Of course it does. It’s a constitutional right to life……fairly important.

          2. John

            How about restoring the 41st?

            In 10 or 20 years time the real damage will bear fruit. At which stage, 10,000s of lives will be destroyed, homes broken and misguided stray sheep will wander off cliffs and bridges. It’s happening already.

            Gay “marriage” is anti-family, anti-children (inherently), pro-feminist and anti- authentic, masculine men who do the right thing. It necessitates abortion. Sex-selective abortion, designer babies and cleft palette rejects is nothing new. We’ve had it for decades now.

            I wish the aging and aged graphic design hipsters on their little bicycles zooming around all the best in their quest for dwindling relevance. Surely they should leave the idealism to the teenagers? Maybe just get on with it like your long retired parents did when they were your age? Encouraging, convincing and lying to women that they should to act contrary to their nature (and conscience) and get a Ryanair to England is bad for the individual (evidently), bad for society (who you want to pay for it all) and bad (fatally) for the victim. It’s also bad for those rotting souls who work in these dubious organisations – that little hammer tapping away on your conscience will *never* go away no matter how much cocaine you snort, vodka you drink or anonymous trannies you hook up with in saunas.

          3. Stephanenny

            It’s a constitutional right to life for a foetus/embryo/zygote on the contingent that this life won’t cost the life of the pregnant person carrying it. Unless you’re unborn or pregnant it’s got fupp all to do with you.

          4. newsjustin

            Stephanenny – these unborn…are they immaculately conceived or what? No men involved in the process?

            More fundamentally, must one suffer an injustice to speak up for someone else suffering that injustice? Your argument makes no sense.

          5. Annie

            John, you do amuse! Something tells me you are decidedly not an “authentic masculine man” although I’ve no doubt that it may, deep down, reveal some sort of a personal fetish. Lumberjacks for all!

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          newsjustin, when was the last time you were told by a doctor that you’d have to wait for treatment until your illness threatened your life as opposed to your health?

          So no, it doesn’t affect us all. Just those of us with a uterus.

        1. scottser

          covering yourself and the missis in paint and wrestling each other naked on a canvas isn’t art, i’m afraid. it’s great craic, but iti’s not art.

        2. Stephanenny

          Neatly dodged. Would you care to actually give a reason for supporting an amendment that explicitly enforces the right to an abortion and just prohibits one geographical location?

          1. newsjustin

            That’s not the 8th you’re thinking of Steph. That’s the 13th. And the 13th doesn’t explicitly allow for abortion (it may implicitly do so). We have no real say over laws of other jurisdictions.

            Back to the 8th – I like it because acts as the best guarantee against the availability of abortion in Ireland.

          2. Lorcan Nagle

            Well at least you’re just being openly hateful here instead of hiding behind concern trolling like you did during the run up to the marraige referendum

          3. newsjustin

            What’s hateful about being in favour of the protection of human life? I’ll never understand that. A consistent pro-life stance is the only one that makes sense. Anti-death penalty, anti-violence, anti-war, anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia.

          4. Lorcan Nagle

            It’s not like this has been explained to you over and over again, but you’re literally giving a foetus priority over th elife and health of the woman carrying it. You willfully ignore the health issues that can frequently only be resolved by an abortion – the women who have died of cancer in this country while pregnant, for example. You ignore that women can be raped or in abusive relationships and don’t want to carry the child of their abuser to term. You ingore that not woman is fit to be a mother. You ignore that not everyone can afford to have a baby, especially in poor communities, especially at a point where our government is slashing benefits to the bone. You ignore that any woman should have the right to control of her own body at any time and it’s none of your damn business unless you’re brought into her confidence.

            Your whole attitude is wrapped in the sanctimony of protecting life, but it’s just misogyny all the way down. Just like your barely hidden homophobia was wrapped in the sanctimony of calling for tolerance of the intolerable.

          5. newsjustin

            You can suggest I ignore these issues all you like Lorcan. That doesn’t make it true. What I do is I consider the issues and find that, unless a woman’s life is at risk, there is no justification for aborting another human being.

            I accept that you might not like that opinion, or that you might see things differently, but please don’t suggest that I hold an anti-abortion viewpoint simply to oppress my wife, daughter, sisters and other women in our society.

          6. newsjustin

            I accept that you’re pro-choice when it comes to abortion and don’t value unborn human life the same way I do. I accept that you believe that this is good for society. I don’t doubt your bona-fides.

          7. Lorcan Nagle

            That’s certainly a load off my mind. I hope your wife or daughter never have a crisis pregnancy and need your support.

          8. newsjustin

            Why do you doubt my ability to support them? Because I won’t offer them an abortion instead of love, help and support?

          9. Lorcan Nagle

            Because on many occasions an abortion is the best choice for a woman, and you refuse to accept that. If your wife or daughter makes that choice, will you support them? Will you get on that boat or plane to the UK or mainland Europe with them, and tell them that they’re doing the right thing, that they’re not alone? Will you reassure them that they don’t need to feel guilty? Will you remind them that another 11 women are doing the same thing that day and they’re all feeling the same cultural pressure, but that’s society’s fault and not theirs?

          10. newsjustin

            No, I couldn’t cheerlead at the killing of my unborn grandchild.

            Unless their life was a risk, there is no valid reason for abortion.

  1. Joan Burton

    Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has been accused of reaching a new low after he said allowing abortions in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities would be “depriving future Special Olympics athletes of being born”. He said allowing terminations in such circumstances could lead to babies with Down’s syndrome being “left to die on sterilised trays”.

    With people like that in the Dail it’ll be while before we see the back of the 8th

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      I’m going to be talking to every candidate I can in the next 6 months and I’m going to make it very clear that I’m not voting for anybody who’s against repealing the 8th. The advantage of the gutless mob we currently have in Dáil Eireann is that they’ll shift their tune on a dime if their seat is in danger.

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        What people should do is tell canvassers they are recording their answers on their phone and ask the hard questions. post the results on youtube.

        1. Clampers Outside

          I’ve been thinking about that one…

          Canvasser calls toothed door, I answer…
          “Hi, lovely to meet you, and you are… *and they start talking, and I mumble*… I’m recording this”

      2. The Real Jane

        Me, too. Anyone who is not in favour of repealing it has no interest in women’s rights. And for those of you getting your typing fingers to bleat about foetuses being the equals of adult, sentient women, just don’t bother.

        1. meadowlark

          It frustrates me so much when I see online debates abiut repealing the 8th and it mostly consists of men. They can never ever know the fear of a skipped period, the terror of an unplanned pregnancy, the enormous irreversible changes that occur physically and mentally whatever decision they make. My body my choice and none of your f**king business.

          1. meadowlark

            Look I know how it feels to be in the position of an unplanned pregnancy. I know the complexity of feeling associated with abortion and Im intimately acquainted with the consequences of that decision. I know how it feels to carry a child and I’ve seen what they look like when they are born as prematurely as 24 weeks. Can you say the same? I appreciate that you personally don’t wish to repeal the 8th. That is your opinion. But as someone who has first hand knowledge of the two sides of the coin I can say that I will never have an abortion again. And that is right for me. But it may not be right for another woman. And how dare I refuse her the choice? I couldn’t. It is simply wrong.

          2. Anne

            “It’s everyone’s business, protection of the right to life, even for the unborn.”

            Everyone won’t rear the child. Everyone won’t have to bring a nonviable pregnancy to term.

            It’s no one’s but the woman herself.

          3. newsjustin

            The only thing wrong with abortion is the dead child. Other than that, it solves a host of problems and often makes sense.

          4. Anne

            “Some men just love an opinion about how women are doing everything wrong.”

            It’s not just his opinion though.. It’s his seed too in that zygote.
            Won’t someone think of the seeeeeed

          5. meadowlark

            Do ya know I hoover the sheets after myself and himself do the business and store all sperm in a jar just in case they come in handy later.

          6. newsjustin

            The “every sperm is sacred” line is a much abused nonsense (of course it is, it’s from a comedy musical) that betrays the users ignorance of basic biology and catholic teaching. A kind of two-for-one ignorance.

          7. Don Pidgeoni

            I scoop up any remainders and freeze them in ice trays. Pop one in on a hot day, they are very refreshing!!

          8. Andymac

            You really think after that description you would be of sound mind to make such a decision? As a civilized society none of us should stand by and allow people to harm others.

          9. meadowlark

            So the mothers wellbeing is irrelevant? Tell me please, when I at the age of eighteen had an unplanned pregnancy and then found out that the baby would not survive outside the womb, was I wrong to have an abortion? Or should I have carried it to term, whilst attempting to sit my LC? What is the correct decision there? Or indeed for any woman in an unsuitable situated for motherhood? And then what about the individual herself? Her decision is made based on her own experience of life; family, socio-economic background, education, friendships, evetything will effect the decision she makes.None of us have the right to decide for her.

    2. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Amazing that they can just make statements like that that have little to no relation to the real world and not be challenged.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          I meant babies being left to die on trays because that isn’t what happens but thanks for your concern as always

          1. newsjustin

            Well he was told (apparently, by someone) that he was “reaching a new low” for saying it. And now you’re criticising him too.

          2. newsjustin

            Don’s style is to say something and when it’s pointed out to be incorrect, dig her heels in and then accuse people of deflection.

          3. Caroline

            She wasn’t incorrect though. Generalised criticism (what you said is not nice) is not the same as challenging someone (what you said is not true). It’s a fairly straightforward concept. Except here, where it’s massively controversial.

  2. Ultravox

    This is all about Labour’s dismal performance and imminent wipe out. Keeping dragging out a non-economic agenda until the GE… hmmm, repeal the 8th – that’s September and half of October… then mega-features on same-ex engagements gets us to the budget… soft budget. More Miriam O’Callaghan on the first gay weddings of 2016 – that’s January. Feb – St Valentine’s Day. March back to the 8th – hey we’re into a GE campaign!


  3. ABM

    Have you ever given thought to actually using your uterus according to the way it was designed (i.e. not contrary to its design)? You expect all other girls to use theirs so you can get a pension to feed you and your cats? Seems you benefit greatly from someone else’s uterus, yet you’re not prepared to use yours. Maybe you should try it some time? It’s not as scary as the leaflets make out. In fact, it’s duck to water stuff that uterus bearers have been doing (with lots of help from the stronger sex) for a few 100,000 years now. You’d think pregnancy suddenly became a pathology some time in the latter part of the 20th century. For some strange reason this pathology mindset is particularly pronounced here in Ireland which boasts the oldest (and unhealthiest) women in Europe.

      1. ABM

        God help the poor sod who ends up with you. He’ll spend all his time and effort trying to impress you. The loser will eventually realise he was a fool it when it’s too late. At which stage you’ll have the kids, the gaff and the car. He’ll have a bedroom in a shared house and you’ll be queuing down at the Sims clinic with a new chump to pay for it all. And if you don’t like the hair colour, he’ll have to pay for another round. You’re every man’s dream.

          1. Annie

            I did think we had the second coming of the real ABM a few weeks back but we appear to have slid back into high-camp ABM impersonation. While the ABM imposters can add a degree of mirth to a thread, it is getting quite tedious now.

        1. Lilly

          Haha ABM, stop projecting your inner loser onto real men! Mine has no complaints, thanks for asking. It’s clear you’re bitter at having been weeded out of the gene pool.

        2. Annie

          Dear oh dear ABM, still trolling? What is it – years now? Is this something a non-loser does? Is this something a happy and psychologically healthy person does? Do you have a job or something worthwhile in life to do beyond your internet displacement activities? Now, back to your sock.

    1. Liggy

      Genuine question – if Irish women live to be the oldest …. how can we be the unhealthiest? Is it just that the rest of European women are all dying of healthy causes????

      (or is the BS intern on ABM duty this evening?)

  4. Ultravox

    How many of those “artists” are a) resident in the Republic of Ireland and b) pay their fair share of taxes?

    Can I assume that if the 8th is repealed that they will do both A and B? Sure.

    1. Neilo

      Subject under discussion aside, If ‘artists’ are for it, I’m agin it. This goes back to Christy Moore’s veneration of the hunger strikers and it’s a principle that’s served me well so far.

      1. j9

        So are you saying that when you don’t like somebody or their opinion so you take the opposite view regardless of the subject under discussion? Well, that’s just idiotic. What the Fcuk does Christy Moore’s stance on the hunger strikers have to do with repealing the 8th Amendment?? Get a grip.

        1. Neilo

          The clue may lie in my first sentence where I mentioned leaving to one side the subject under discussion. Creative types tend to lead with their heart, rather than their head. This can lead to great art, but slack thought e.g. Sean Penn’s support of kleptocrat Hugo Chavez or Moore’s veneration of terrorists or 70’s crooner Vince Hill’s ill-judged ode to Margaret Thatcher. You’ll forgive me if I don’t consider artists’ opinions on current events to be a personal moral/philosophical lodestar.

          1. j9

            If you are leaving the subject under discussion to one side then why are you bothering to comment on this thread? It’s a genuine question. What is your opinion on repealing the 8th amendment?

          2. Neilo

            Hi j9, I’ve now slavishly spelled out my antipathy to the overheated polemic supplied by the creative classes as an aside to the subject under discussion. I don’t recall your appointment as arbiter of all that can and cannot be discussed on these threads, but do feel free to produce your Thought Police warrant card.

  5. ReproBertie

    The Catholic Church once taught that women who enjoyed sex and did more than just lie there were the bride of satan and should be put to death as witches. I’m not entirely sure they are overly concerned with women’s health.

    The entire pro-life argument is based on the idea that human life is important or meaningful. It’s not. Outside of a family or social circle we’re all just strangers that nobody really gives a toss about. There is no soul. There is no afterlife. There is no god. There’s life (which religions would have us waste preparing for an imaginary second act) and then nothing. Fariy tales are for children.

  6. j9

    @ Neilo – what are you on about? Never said I was “Arbiter” – I was merely asking you a question … And your thought police comment is risible – again – I was just asking a question … I just think it’s funny that you basically admit that you feel obliged to automatically think the opposite of what “Artists” think because you say they follow their hearts and not their heads … How do you know what thought process they follow? Does being an artist make you incapable of following a rational thought process?

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