Defiant Vegetables



This morning.

RTÉ Radio 2’s Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene with patriotically placed produce in the Aldi Marquee at the National Ploughing Championship in Ratheniska, Co Laois.

(Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews)



NO REPRO FEE Marty Morrissey with Marty Morrissey in the RTÉ Tent at The National Ploughing Championship 2015. Picture: Tony Kinlan/Kinlan Photography.

This morning.

Oliver Callan as Marty Morrissey (top) and Marty as Marty with Marty (above) in the RTÉ tent at de ploughing.

Pics: Tony Kinlan

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21 thoughts on “Defiant Vegetables

    1. Daisy Chainsaw


      Please place the above word in the appropriate place. I was blinded by my RAEG towards the blandness that is Byrne.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Those radio combos really are dreadful. But Jenny Greene is an accomplished DJ – she doesn’t need a side-kick / side-Nick.

      1. meadowlark

        Started listening to lyric fm in the morning. I’m not a Marty (Whelan) fan but I do like his morning show. Nice selection of music and Marty himself is soft spoken and doesn’t talk sh1te. Much better than the nonsense on every other morning radio show.

  1. Nicky's Agent

    I assume this is a fake press release:

    Nicky Byrne to Stage Spectacular Comeback Show

    Westlife are long gone but one of their former members is organising a musical/comedy extravaganza to cement his name as a solo star.

    Sources close to Nicky Byrne have revealed details of a comeback show entitled “Nicky Byrne and his Tick-Tocking Clocks (Of Rock).” The show consists of Nicky Byrne on stage with his new backing band, the aforementioned ‘Tick Tocking Clocks (Of Rock).’

    The show contains a huge emphasis on the concept of time, with all of the Tick-
    Tocking Clock’s instruments shaped like clocks. The backdrop will include clocks of all different sizes and shapes, from analogue to digital, from wrist to pocket.

    The show will also feature Nicky’s first foray into the world of stand-up comedy. Between each song he will perform a 3 minute stand-up routine that will also focus on the idea of time. Jokes told include misunderstandings with the 24 hour clock and waiting for a bus for a while and then two coming at once.

    A source close to Nicky claimed that:
    “The recurring themes in the show are an excellent example of the consistency Nicky has displayed throughout his career.”

    Tickets for the show are rumoured to be in the €100 price region. Each ticket will be designed as a clock and feature the poem:
    “He’s coming out of the blocks,
    And he’s giving it socks,
    with his lovely blonde locks,
    ‘cause it’s Nicky Byrne and his Tick-Tocking Clocks(of Rock)”

    As if all that wasn’t enough the encore is rumoured to feature two huge names starring as more time based characters and playing a 3 song set with Nicky. Classic songster Brian Kennedy will appear as Grandfather Chimes while funny speaker Ed Byrne will play The Cuckoo Clock Rocker.

    With so many stars and genres, it’s easy to imagine a hugely successful show. Hopefully it will cement Nick’s place as a solo star while also making a name for his ‘Tick-Tocking Clocks (of Rock)’ backing band.

    More details as they come.

  2. The Real Jane

    I like Oliver. He always tells you who the impression will be before he does it, which I find useful.

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